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Aliases: "Draco"
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"I am an artist first and everything else second." - DracoHandsome

DracoHandsome or Draco, also known as FibS, is a United States digital artist, occasional musician & writer, and intellectual with a love of fantasy & adventure.

Draco generally resists social labels, believing the public infers broad and often unpleasant implications and stereotypes, especially when the labels are very wide or ambiguous. As such, despite drawing furry and My Little Pony work, he does not identify as a furry or brony. He does, however, create additional characters and personae to better fit into each social context, "FibS" being the identity used in the furry context.


Draco is a man of many names and faces, as he often changes to a different character or persona depending on context. His two primary identities at time of writing are:

  • DracoHandsome, his persona in most circumstances; and
  • FibS, his persona when dealing with the furry community

A collection of many historical aliases, both on and off MFGG, include:

  • 2002: Draco Icebane
  • ~2005: DracoHandsome
  • 2009: Baroque (ban evasion)
  • ~2012: FibS

Interests, talents, & hobbies

Draco's interests are primarily fantasy-orientated. He is a digital visual artist, specializing in vector, and occasional writer and composer.

Elae Meltaea

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Heather Callow

Draco's primary creative work, which has yet to see fruition, is the non-human fantasy Elae Meltaea. This is a planned collection of stories, games, et. al centering around the fictional planet of Elysia, which is populated by both sapient and bestial races resembling real and invented animals to varying degrees.

While Draco's long history on furry art sites has given most existing characters rather clear sexually-provocative proportions, he asserts that many future characters will see more modest proportions & clothing such as Heather Callow (pictured left) while existing characters can always be toned down, even if only temporary. In addition, there will be more male characters.

Other interests

Yes, Draco does actually like things. Here are a few:

  • Mega Man
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, mostly seasons 1+2; newer characters are nice, but not really their stories
  • Pokémon
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, the way people like Rocky Horror Picture Show

Older & canned projects

Old Hexis screen
  • Ultimate Mario was a The Games Factory game posted with Draco's first topic. This game repeatedly played the Shine Get noise from Super Mario Sunshine when no shines were got, due to a coding error.
  • Hexis was a game whose name Draco explained with complicated Greek etymologies when all he had to say was "hexagon Tetris". This was going to be submitted for a minigame competition in 2005, but Draco spent too much time planning amazing things for it, and it never reached a functional stage; the screenshot is a mockup.



Draco joined as Draco Icebane shortly after the Great Kyle Flamewar in October of 2002 on the EZBoard, where he released a demo of Ultimate Mario, the "worst best Mario game ever", with his first post. It held one test level, and myriad horrendous programming errors, not the least of which was playing extremely loud noises for no conceivable reason; it remains a fitting analogy for his posting style. At this point, Draco was extremely polite and borderline naive, because he understood and respected the idea of The First Impression.


It took less than a year for familiarity to breed contempt, and as such, most of Draco's board time was spent in arguments with regulars, such as Quicky and Kritter. Constant arguments led to Draco receiving warns and bans at an alarming rate only rivaled by King Piranha Plant's specific attempts to receive as many bans as possible. Draco would later make fun of the KPP problem in many mock plays, which the administrative team did not entirely appreciate, with one of his comments about a standard member (likely Parakarry) resulting in another ban.

After the chaotic shuffling of the strike system, and the eventual switch to issuing temporary bans instead of warn points, Draco was often only in posting condition for a week or two out of every month, which is a very depressing reflection.

Dark Ages

Draco eventually shifted into a laughably arrogant otherkin persona, talking down to the "pathetic humans" of the forums because he was a dragon or something and dragons are so badass. Draco's terrible memory, and desire to block this phase of his netlife from said terrible memory, makes it difficult to remember the details. His primary "nemesis" at this point was perhaps Dr Wario. Eventually Draco got a clue and knocked that crapola the @*!$ off.

Draco had never been on good terms with Trasher, the infamous "asholw mody", on a business level; Trasher was infamous for giving very long ban times for relatively minor infractions, and then filling the member's signature with huge red text calling them an idiot. This happened to Draco rather frequently.


At some point, after an extensive argument between Delmore and SonicProject, Trasher banned SP for fifteen days for accidentally replying to a topic simultaneously with and just after Trasher's order not to. Draco was informed through an instant messenger by SP, requiring him to help somehow as SP would otherwise not stop talking about it for hours. Draco contacted FanGuy and asked him to take a look at the situation.

At FanGuy's best judgment, SP's ban was lowered to somewhere around five or ten days, while Trasher was suspended for five days along with Delmore. This sparked public outrage, because everything a moderator does is wrong, and FanGuy was branded as some sort of traitor for banning another moderator.

Draco wrote a poem entitled The Graven, a parody of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, to explain what had happened in a comical light. Although it satirically vilified Delmore and Trasher, it was generally well-accepted and received moderate praise, although it broke the rhythm. Draco was never issued any warning, verbal or actual, for its timing or theme, although there were a few complaints.


" You rat! See if I ever trust you again! Hmph! "

— Mugen

Eventually, for some reason, Mugen decided he wanted to take over the forums. He chatted with a few people about how best to swipe accounts, and Draco made the rather large mistake of giving him advice on disguising fake log-out redirects, as he did not think Mugen would actually do it, and underestimated the general idiocy of MFGG members. This dramatically increased Mugen's initial efficiency at stealing everybody's accounts and led to Draco being privately embarrassed at his own ignorance.

Personal bias led to Draco's refusal to inform Parakarry and Trasher of who was responsible, but after Mugen signed off, he contacted ShadowMan to inform him of the culprit. The length of time for which he withheld this information significantly dulled administrative appreciation. Mugen signed on the next day and promptly expressed Saturday cartoon indignation. Various dramatic events led to further problems in Draco's relationship with the administrative team, including an argument with Yoshiman, who was actually trying to lessen one of his sentences. Draco had become incensed because Yoshiman was naturally also scolding him for the offense in question, and his overall message was thus counter-productive.

Draco was indefinitely banned on August 2, 2008, when he performed a Super Whoa-Damn Freak-Out on a relatively innocent bystander and stormed off of the boards.


On August 21st, 2009, Draco made a return as Baroque, who spoke with about the same occasionally pompous nature as Draco, but rarely swore and often avoided or conceded arguments. This name was chosen in reference to a PlayStation 2 (and later Wii) game of the same name where the death of the main character is part of the storyline, and dying and resurrecting repeatedly is required to advance through the game.

It took less than a week for Baroque to have an argument with Joey over something trivial, which immediately alerted Yoshiman's suspicions as to his identity. Yoshiman is apparently a total doozer, as Baroque was able to sway his convictions and prevent him from satisfactorily proving the connection, owing much to a dynamic IP address.

After Yoshiman revealed that bans would be rescinded in the phpBB board system, Baroque revealed himself to be Draco after he was quite certain Yoshiman was not a fibby-boy. The community reaction was mixed, depending on each member's relation to people Draco had insulted over the past 6~7 years.

In the "New MFGG Resolution" era, Draco made a promise to swear less often and concede or simply drop arguments more often after New MFGG came around. It took him probably a year to start doing this in any noticeable fashion.

Ban history

Hey, it happened. Gotta accept a problem to fix it, ya know?

Draco holds the dubious honor of building up one of the longest warn logs, and possibly the longest time spent with a two-page warn log, before receiving a permaban. He held these warns for so long that the accounts that gave them no longer existed, due to Kritter and other moderators & administrators occasionally deleting & remaking their accounts.

  • Many, many bans not listed here.
  • 2008 August 02: Indefinite ban for wildly hostile post against random person and storming off of the boards.

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