Unofficial MFGG Instant Message Groups

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Up until the launch of the Official MFGG Discord in 2017, a few users had taken it upon themselves to create unofficial equivalents to fill the void. This page details these groups, the conditions under which they were run and their ultimate fates.


The earliest mention of an MFGG-themed Skype group was in the CCC back in 2009. Since the IPB boards are no longer up and running, there is little information about this original Skype group.

The Not-so Official Skype Group

In late 2012, several MFGGers got together to create an unofficial Skype group. The antics of this group were later chronicled in the joke game series Super Charisma Bros.. Some of the earliest members of this group included Vitiman, Madox, ~CaMtEnDo~, Genogenesis7, Miles, and StrikeForcer. By 2013, the group kept increasing in size, but with this growth, drama and bickering drew as well. A handful of the members didn't even have a presence on MFGG.

Different Skype groups ended up splintering off of this one, including one that was run by Gatete. The group was retired on October 14th 2015.

New MFGG Skype Group

After some members stopped following the rules on the previous group and filled it with low-quality messages, on August 17th 2015, Syaxamaphone created a new Skype Group to bring back the feel of the previous group. To prevent the same situation from happening twice, the rules had been changed quite a bit. To add new people to the group, at least 2 admins' votes were required, and admins were selected by popular vote. The rest of the rules were much less strict, to make them easier to follow.

Jimmy T.'s All Night-Disco Club

This unofficial Discord chat was opened in March 2016, following the mass exodus of MFGGers from Skype to Discord. However, this group proved to be a bit controversial, which caused a split in the userbase. One half migrated to Club Saturn EX, a group that would prove similarly controversial to the other side. After the success of Hotel Delfino, the group was put into archive mode.

Hotel Delfino

In January 2017, after a great deal of drama and controversy regarding the MFGG community after the demotion of Nite Shadow, Mit had created a post criticizing the moderation of the newer IRC (and later Club Saturn EX) and the split faction that had resulted from it. Dustinvgmaster argued that the more directly MFGG-related chats were plagued by an overly abrasive atmosphere and offered a compromise if that was what needed to happen.

The compromise group was launched in the same month under the name Hotel Delfino. The staff was split 2 ways between the Jimmy T. staff and the Club Saturn EX staff. Both of the latter groups were later locked when it became clear Hotel Delfino was stable enough to sustain itself.

Upon the creation of the official MFGG Discord Group, activity in this group began to wane and it was deleted in 2018.


  • The first message in Syaxamaphone's group is "Ah", written by Willsaber.
  • As at January 11, 2016, there are 126175 messages in Syaxamaphone's group.
    • The top three most active members in Syaxamaphone's group were mit, Mors and CamTro.
    • The top three most used words in Syaxamaphone's group were 'game', 'Mario' and 'oh'.
    • The most used smiley in Syaxamaphone's group was Skype's default :P smiley.