Ultimately Hardcore Mario Quiz

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Ultimately Hardcore Mario Quiz
UH Mario Quiz Screen.png
Developer(s) SMBMM
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date June 3, 2011
Genre Quiz
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard and mouse
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released

Ultimately Hardcore Mario Quiz is an interactive quiz game created by SMBMM. It was meant to test those that knew the most of the Mario series. Mario fans are treated to 15 questions based on knowledge of the Mario series.



  1. What is Mario's last name?
  2. How many levels are in Super Mario Bros?
  3. How many stars can be found in the original Super Mario 64?
  4. Daisy made her first appearance in which of these games?
  5. How many levels are in Super Mario Land?
  6. An updated version of the NES version of Mario Bros. is only released where?
  7. Which of these Game & Watch games was ported to the Commodore 64?
  8. How many levels are in Mario's Time Machine?
  9. Which of these items is used in Mario Kart Arcade GP?
  10. Which game showed a cameo appearance of Mario himself?
  11. Who created "Yoshi Gone MFGG"?
  12. What does Mario crave in the anime, "The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach"?
  13. Who's this Koopaling?
  14. In Super Mario Bros, which level was identical to World 1-3?
  15. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong (GBA) was originally going to be Donkey Kong Plus. What major feature was scrapped from this, but can still be accessable (typo) through GameShark?


The game saw mixed reactions. It was criticized for letting players who get the wrong answers see what the correct answers were, as well as a lack of presentation. A couple people criticized how there's a question related to MFGG in the quiz. Some others say that the game is rather good, and "a decent way to spend time if you're bored".


Controversy struck when players saw the question "What is Mario's last name?". Members have been claiming that it was only "Mario Mario" in the movie, and that Mario and Luigi don't really have last names.



Download Ultimately Hardcore Mario Quiz from MFGG's main site

File Size: 7.93 MB