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Aliases: Turndawg, Turn, Tdog
Interests: Videogames, drawing, computers, anime, and other stuff.
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Turndawg107 is regular member at 72dpiarmy, the home of the fangame Super Mario War, Turndawg has known about MFGG for a while, though it never occurred to him to actually register and visit the site with any real frequency. Well, one thing led to another, and he wound up registering and seeing what the place was like. He's not a huge fan of the forum community, but he still lurks, posting every once in a while. He stopped visiting MFGG entirely after the forum reset that took place as a result of The Great Mistake, partially due to the fact that it deleted almost all of his posts. He's come back, though, and tends to just look at the topics instead of participating. Turndawg also is an active IRC user and can almost always be seen on IRC.


While he doesn't have too many friends on MFGG due to being rather unknown, he still has acquired a few members who appreciate his company, as well as any members who also attend 72dpi.

  • Visionary - They met one day when Visionary decided to randomly IM the newer MFGG'ers, and their friendship has been very close ever since.
  • Draku - A fellow IRC user who shares a decent amount of Turn's kooky interests.

72dpi friends/acquaintances

  • LKA
  • LGB
  • JJames19119