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* June 24 - [[Yoshin]] is now [[Quality Control]] as well as a forum mod and [[Wiki Sysop]].
* June 24 - [[Yoshin]] is now [[Quality Control]] as well as a forum mod and [[Wiki Sysop]].
* July 7 - MFGG turns 17
* July 7 - MFGG turns 17
* July 27 - [[Kirby's Adventure]], [[Beatrice]], [[Fun With Despair]], and [[RollerC]] become the first chat-specific mods in the [[MFGG Discord Group]].
* September 18 - [[Fun With Despair]] and [[Hypernova]] are promoted to [[Site Staff]] positions and will serve as mainsite comment mods.

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A timeline of events that have happened since MFGG formed.





  • February - VBulletin version of message boards is opened. Fireball3k and DJ Yoshiman lose their moderator powers as a result. Nite Shadow loses his administration position as well, though Supertoad2k is bumped down to a moderator.
  • Willy Goldwater becomes host of MFGG.
  • October 11th - Invision version of message boards is opened, replacing the VBulletin one, though all previous members save for a few did not register until the 13th.
  • November - Blaze Hedgehog releases Super Mario Blue Twilight. The game eventually gets showcased on "Attack of the Show," a show on the television network G4. The show then reveals a link to MFGG, marking the first and only time MFGG has been showcased on television.
  • LAMGS is created.
  • Cutman introduces the member base to The Face with an innocent-looking post and picture.
  • The MFGG banner is changed again, to now include more MFGGers, and no longer denotes members with special privileges.







  • January 3rd - WIP/Sketch is merged back into the Art Board.
  • January 18th - The Ultra Happy Heart badge is born.
  • Weekend of February 12 - Wii Discussion is merged back into the GC.
  • April 1st - April Fools Prank, skins changed by forum, THE VOID engulfs MFGG.
  • April 7 - Tragic leaves moderation team and disappears into the abyss.
  • April 13th - Shyguy Grey becomes new Global Moderator.
  • June 12th - Trial Member System put into place. Guinea becomes administrator.
  • June 21st - Kritter returns as Moderator. Tri is also hired.
  • August 8th - Black Squirrel announces MFGG message boards are to move to a new forum system; much discussion ensues. Radical changes include the death of the CCC. A few days later, Black Squirrel resigns.
  • November 2nd - Retriever II announces the date that the MFGG forum is moving to new software.
  • November 7th - MFGG 3.0 opened up to the public after mass hype. Kritter has resigned as Moderator, Trasher is a Global Mod. All regular mods are upgraded to global, except Yoshiman, who refused. Jazz is a regular mod, and so is Mecha the Slag. Mecha the Slag is promoted to Global a few days later. Nick Ainsworth is a new admin.
  • December 12th - Dinospoon occurs.
  • December 22nd - New namechange system put in place.
  • December 31st - Jazz is promoted to Global Mod, leaving DJ Yoshiman as the only regular Mod. Zero Kirby is promoted to Site Staff, and Char is promoted to Admin. Risa is also demoted to regular member.