Tidal Toss

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Tidal Toss
Developer(s) Yoshiman, Mario Gamer
Announce Date April 6, 2007
Release Date April 23, 2007 (Original)

May 25, 2007 (Rerelease)

Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status Released

Tidal Toss is the third completed Mini-Game collaboration between Yoshiman and Mario Gamer, also their first entry in over a year. It is also the first mini-game compo entry led by Yoshiman. The concept started out as a joke from Yoshiman, however it was later taken seriously and turned into a full entry. The game took second place in the 25th mini-game compo. A reworked version was created for MFGG, and was released on May 25th. It was met with generally positive reviews.

Screenshot from Tidal Toss


Just when Mario and Luigi think they have Bowser cornered, he escapes by destroying the Yoshi Island dam. Luigi falls below and runs from his life from a huge tidal wave.


  • Bowser Jr. appears in the game but is never mentioned.
  • Clicking on each character on the title screen will cause them to speak.
  • Placed second in the 25th Mini-game competitions.
  • Wait for around 45 seconds on the title screen for balloons to show up.
  • Click on the balloons to pop them.
  • Click on seagulls on the scoreboard for a surprise.
  • Currently Mario Gamer's favorite entry in a compo.

Download Tidal Toss from MFGG's main site

File Size: Unknown
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