The Twisted Dream

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The Twisted Dream
Developer(s) Nite Shadow
Announce Date
Release Date
Genre Adventure
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Construct Classic
Platform Windows
Status In Development

The Twisted Dream is a platform/adventure horror game made by Nite Shadow as his first major project. This game starring Luigi in a nightmarish Subcon world called "Dark Subcon".

Nite canned the project in July 2014 because he thought some parts of the game were a little too gory and disturbing.


For reasons unknown, Luigi has been sent into this nightmare world by the evil overlord: Phanto. Luigi must overcome his fears in order to take down Phanto, and escape this world.

Throughout his quest, Luigi will receive advice from 2 disembodied voices. These voices will guide Luigi to his goal, however they differ on some key points.
One is leading Luigi toward freeing Subcon,
the other is leading Luigi toward corruption.
Which is the right path?
What will happen if the wrong path is chosen?

Gameplay gimmicks

In this game, Luigi uses a sword and an axe as the main tools for combat.

Misc info and trivia

  • This game is set to have at least 3 endings.
  • The Ambient noise in the "Voices from nowhere" Clip, is in fact: A Dial-up modem.
  • This game has been rebooted three times so far.