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Aliases: tdstr
Interests: Mario, Pokémon, skipping through flowers
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Toadster is an MFGGer who joined on January 15, 2007.

Toadster joins MFGG

He found MFGG when he was looking for sprites of the Super Mario Bros. 3 Toad. He stuck around the site for a while, but never joined it. He ended up looking at the forums one day, and browsed around until he eventually joined.


Toadster's character used to be a Toad in Link's outfit [1], but after many people said that his character wasn't original, he changed it to a shape-shifting Toad. He can become either a tall and muscular Toad,[2] or an average-sized teenager who looks nothing like a Toad [3].

As of recently, he has updated his character to have a body of a human (yet still overly muscular), wearing a torn shirt and has abandoned the shape shifting idea.

"Real Men Skip Through Flowers"

One day, Shyguy Grey was doing request topics and The Toadster entered in it. His picture ended up to be him skipping through flowers. It became almost a tradition to depict him with flowers. Only Shyguy Grey and themagicalgamer drew him with flowers.


  • He is an active member of iScribble
  • The real Toadster is neither tall or strong, but his human form looks just like him.
  • When people draw him, they get the colors mixed up.
  • Even though The Toadster's character is a Toad, he is more of a fan of Shy Guys.
  • He was a member of MFGG Wrestling.
  • Active member of iScribble