The Stories of M

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The Stories of M
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Developer(s) MarioSonicCouncil, TSM Team
First release Clash of the Troopas
Latest release ?
Alpha 1.0
Genre Platform, Puzzle, Adventure
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform PC

The Stories of M is a series of fan games created by MarioSonicCouncil and the TSM Team. The series will be divided into three separate games.

Game List



The Stories of M was first thought about in 2011 when MarioSonicCouncil thought of ways to make the Mario series more story oriented. He thought the Mario RPG's weren't enough, so he set out to create a story centered, true to platform roots Mario game.


However, MarioSonicCouncil was faced with a concern. He thought that a story centered Mario game that wasn't original enough would get bad reviews. Soon after, MarioSonicCouncil began to play through every Mario game he had. One game that seemed to make his ideas click was Mario Clash on the Virtual Boy. The game was underappreciated and dull, so MarioSonicCouncil decided to spruce up the gameplay in Multimedia Fusion 2.

Current Status

The Stories of M series is on hold until MarioSonicCouncil can gather enough people to join the TSM Team, on the forums [1].