The Killing Game

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The Killing Game was an event that took place in December 2017. It involved twelve players trying to kill each other and be the last one left. Each player also has their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Game Format

Each night (or round) would consist of three phases. The first phase, called "The Killing Phase" is where players roam the castle, gathering clues and trying to kill another player (without getting killed themselves). Each player sends a PM consisting of the actions they want to take to the host, who will then randomly decide who kills someone and the timeline of the night. Phase two (The Investigation Phase) is where players talk about what happened during the night and try to figure out who is the murderer. Players may also investigate the rooms looking for evidence. The last phase (Class Trial) is where the players state their accusations and vote for who they want to lynch.



Execution #1

KirbyLover2048 was thrown in the moat for not submitting an action for the killing phase

Night 1

-Koopatroll (Koopa Troopa in suit of armor) searches Bedroom Hall A by passing through the Atrium while Magenta Dry Bones searches Bedroom Hall B and Willsaber moves to the Main Stairs.

-Evil Yoshi Toes goes to the Rec Room and waits to kill UltLuigi. Koopatroll and EYT spot each other.

-Nagito Komaeda heads to the Kitchen, passing by Koopatroll in Bedroom Hall A and Willsaber by the Main Stairs.

-UltLuigi heads to the Royal Hall Entrance and passes by Koopatroll and Willsaber on his way as well as two Toads working on the 2F landing. Walks through the Royall Hall to the Dining Room Entrance and searches through the food supplies.

-BlasterMaster equips a pillow case, covering his face with it. He walks out his door and heads to the Main Stairs, passing by both Koopatroll and Willsaber. He phases through Willsaber and the Stairs, leaving behind his pillow case. He enters the Library this way and searches for Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard on audiobook.

-Littlelum searches Bathroom B and passes by Magenta Dry Bones to enter StirlADrei’s room. He finds an egg, covers himself with a blanket and tries to kill it with silly putty… doing nothing more than smearing it all over the egg. Gross. He returns to his room wearing a blanket, stumbling into walls as he passes through.

-Nagito Komaeda uses the Dumbwaiter to access the Dining Room, where he runs into UltLuigi and is noticed by several Toads milling about. He dresses up like a Toad Janitor and then heads back down to the Kitchen through the Dumbwaiter.

-Nagito Komaeda grabs a mop, bucket, two knives (stashing one in his pocket and the other in the mop bucket. He searches for cleaning solvents in order to try and clean up any ectoplasm and finds a half empty bottle of Boo-B-Gone. Just as he eats his Doritos and drinks a can of Mountain Dew, UltLuigi comes down through the Dumbwaiter and begins to make spaghetti and meatballs. They both notice each other, but say nothing.

-Nagito exits the Kitchen with mop and bucket in tow and begins to mop outside the Kitchen door. Nagito waits for the coast to be clear, then stabs Willsaber, knocking him out from shock and rolls around in his blood.

-Blastermaster phases into the Kitchen through the Library Wall and Stairs. Sees UltLuigi cooking spaghetti, he quietly phases a hand through the knife drawer, filling it with ectoplasm, taking a knife out, and phasing back through the wall unnoticed. UltLuigi too busy cooking with his back turned to the spoopy ghost to notice as he passes through and phases through the opposite Kitchen Wall.

-VinnyVideo exits his room and heads to the Main Stairs, passing by Magenta Dry Bones and unconscious Willsaber until he notices a bloody Nagito mopping the floor as he moves away from the stairs. He uses Flatulence but Nagito is unaffected due to the power of Pine-Sol baby.

-Disappointed, he heads up the stairs and into the Dining Room which he searches. Passing by 2F Landing Toads and multiple Toads working in the Dining Room.

-UltLuigi exits the Kitchen and heads to his bedroom for the night. He passes by cleaning Nagito, unconcious Willsaber and the KoopaTroll.

-SF: The Dark Warrior searches his bedroom and, finding nothing, heads to the Lounge Room, passing by Magenta Dry Bones. He then searches the Lounge.

-Blastermaster phases through KirbyLover’s room, through the Dining Room where he is noticed by multiple Toads milling about, out of the castle and going around to phase through SF’s bedroom wall where he is noticed by the landscaper Toads. He hides in SF’s closet.

-Yoshin heads to the kitchen, passing by Koopatroll, a mopping Nagito and an unconscious WIllsaber and tries to make something meaty but the kitchen is a complete mess with all the dishes being used up. She does find a leftover meatloaf in the fridge though and takes that.

-SF returns to his room and is attacked by BlasterMaster with a knife. He tries to fight the ghostly being off, and ectoplasm covers the room in the struggle but eventually finds a knife stabbed through his chest. He dies, choking on lungs full of blood.

-Mr. Saltman heads to the Bathroom in Hall A and takes a towel, passing by Koopatroll.

-Yoshin heads to the library, taking a DVD PLAYER and some anime. Then asks people to watch Anime with her in the gym. However, only her 2F Landing Toads and Vinny Video accept. They all enter the Gym and watch Hidemari Sketch on the Gym Projector.

-Mr. Saltman waits outside the Castle Entrance for VinnyVideo to come outside, passing by a cleaning Nagito heading for Hall B and unconscious Willsaber to get there.

-BlasterMaster notices in SF’s bloody mirror that his pillow case is gone and puts on a bloody one from SF’s room before walking out. He passes by Magenta Dry Bones and runs into Nagito. They duck out of Hall B and huddle behind Fountain B. Nagito points out unconscious Willsaber and Blastermaster gets an idea…

-BlasterMaster makes sure the coast is clear before phasing into Willsaber’s unconcious body, finding him easy to manipulate in this state. The phantom Willsaber picks up the bloody pillow case and puts it on then heads to Willsaber’s room. Magenta Dry Bones notices this as does VinnyVideo… who is returning to his room.

-Nagito Komaeda cleans up any ectoplasm he can find except for the one BlasterMaster has planted in his room.

-Yoshin and Mr. Saltman return to their rooms. The Koopatroll and Magenta Dry Bones stand outside Willsaber’s Room to guard it, BlasterMaster phases through Willsaber’s wall and hides out in the courtyard (the gardening Toads are gone), then once Nagito’s cleaning is complete he retires as well.

-Evil Yoshi Toes passed out waiting for UltLuigi to enter the Rec Room.

Execution #2

Littlelum and UltLuigi each get three votes. Littlelum loses the coin toss, then gets turned into soup which is eaten by the rest of the players.

Execution #3

Saltman and StirlADrei get sealed in an airtight tank filled with salt for failing to submit an action for the second killing phase.

The End

Pedigree's computer crashes, causing the game to end.