The Flooded Tower

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The Flooded Tower
Developer(s) Q-Nova
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date September 17, 2015
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png The Flooded Tower was named Game of the Month in September 2015.

The Flooded Tower is a fangame made by Q-Nova, and is his fourth one to be submitted to MFGG. It is also the winning entry (though, it was the only entry that was submitted to the Minigame Competition) for the Minigame Competition #2 - 2015. As with all of Q-Nova's other fangames, almost all of the graphics are made by said person. There are three difficulties in the game, and they each have their own high scores.

A follow-up of the story was released on October 13, 2017, as Battle in the Future.


" A Goomba was exploring across a cave, and found a treasure that looked like a Koopa's shell. The Goomba picked up this gold Koopa shell, and took it to his home. The Goomba went back to the cave to look for more treasure, but suddenly, a flash of light appeared. After the flash, the Goomba saw a clock tower, which wasn't there last time the Goomba went to the cave.

Hearing some lava sounds, the Goomba looked back, and saw a river of lava flowing right into the Goomba! The Goomba ran to the inside of the clock tower, and closed the door. Though, the Goomba had noticed lava from below, which is rising, and toasting up the tower.

"Hm, there's gotta be a way to escape this tower!" the Goomba thought, as he climbed away from the lava.


— The game's README text file.

When the Goomba had reached a certain spot in the tower, a Time Switch was found. When the Goomba had stomped on the Time Switch, the clock tower flashed a bright light. After the light, the Goomba was confused by what happened. Though, a few seconds later, something had hit the clock tower, creating a hole in the wall. A small amount of time later, a Koopa Troopa showed up. Soon after the Koopa Troopa showed, the game ended with a cliffhanger.

The story continues on Battle in the Future.


The player is in control with a Goomba, who is trying to climb up the tower, attempting to escape from the flooding lava. The Goomba has to reach the Time Switch, which takes the tower (and the Goomba) to the future, in order to escape the lava cave. Along with escaping from the lava, the Goomba will have to avoid the hazards inside the tower. Colliding with a hazard will take out a health point from the Goomba, and if the Goomba has taken enough hit points (how many will depend on the selected difficultly), the game will end. Touching the lava will instantly kill the Goomba. The Goomba can collect coins, which add up to the final score.

When the Goomba has stomped on the Time Switch, the final score will be shown, which is based on the selected difficultly, the amount of coins the player has collected, how long it takes for the player to reach the Time Switch, and how many health points the Goomba has.


  • Lava - It's the lava that is flooding the tower, how fast it will flood, will depend on the difficultly.
  • Spike - It may be a regular spike, but these can pack quite a poke at the Goomba!
  • Spiny - Creatures that can't be jumped on, as they are protected by a spike-covered shell. They'll walk in one direction, and then go in the other direction once they have approached either a cliff or a wall.
  • Thwomp - These spiked blocks rest in the ceiling, well, until the Goomba has gotten close to them. When the Goomba has gotten close to them, the Thwomp will slam down into the ground. After it slams down into the ground, the Thwomp will go back up to the ceiling.


The Flooded Tower received several main site reviews, which ranged from mixed to positive. Most of the reviews praised the graphics and level design, but most of them criticized the length of the game. The Flooded Tower won the Game of the Month award of September 2015. On the MFGG Awards of 2015, The Flooded Tower was nominated for Best Sprites and Most Replay Value, while it won Best Minigame.

The Flooded Tower currently holds an average score of 7.5/10 at the main site.



Download The Flooded Tower from MFGG's main site

File Size: 12.87 MB

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