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This is a parent template, used to create other templates that all look like this one. If you are looking for a specific message, such as Template:Deleteme, they are contained in Category: Messages.

This template should be used directly only for basic messages and very special or individual cases.

|trans = ..
|c1 = ..
|c2 = ..
|c3 = ..
|c4 = Text color
|img = ..
|title = ..
|desc = ..
|cat = ..
  • |trans: Pass anything under this, e.g. |trans = y, for c2 to be a gradient moving from black on the left to the given color on the right.
    • Default: off
  • |color, |colour, |color1, |colour1, |c1, : Border and left block.
    • Default: #248
  • |color2, |colour2, |c2: Background color. Default: #125
  • |color3, |colour3, |c3, |border: Border.
    • Default: Same as c1
  • |c4: Text color.
    • Default: #B6CAFF
  • |image, |img: The image to display on the left, sans brackets.
    • Default: Image:Standardwikimessagebox.png
  • |title: Text in bold.
  • |desc: Text under the title, e.g. the reason for including the template (see Template:Deleteme).
  • |category, |cat: The category / categories to sort a page into. In a child template, add another few <includeonly> tags.