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 Cheepcheepattack7lu.gif This is a high-risk template.

Vandalism of high-risk templates is strictly prohibited. Appending derogatory, counter-productive, or otherwise useless content to this template will warrant punishment by administrative discretion.

 Standardwikimessagebox.png Fibriel's doing something weird again.

I think it's really silly to put the categorization for country right in the flag templates. I want to have it so you can (if you need to) directly call the flag images with their templates anywhere, without categorizing the page you call them to, so I'm editing all of the templates in question therefore. My method of doing this means temporarily breaking the flag templates and every member page until I finish. Have an admin give me a ring if you want me to stop right away, but I might be done before you even notice I started. -Fibriel 12:51, 6 January 2011 (UTC)

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Note: This template may be called with "MFGGer" or "member", but it is case-sensitive.

| name = Their name, defaults to the article name if not given
| flag = The full English name of a country, e.g. United States, Japan. (Later, aliases might be available; don't count on it)
| image = Path to image
| caption = Text below image
| alias = Other names used by this member, past or present. Can also use "othernames" (compatibility)
| realname = Member's real name. Please check with the member before supplying this information.
| interests = Member's interests
| contactinfo = Member's contact information
| sitenumber = Member id on the main site.
| forumid = Member id on the forums. }}

Manual Overrides

There are some overrides in the case that somebody isn't a member on the forums, or that for some reason their badges/groups aren't displaying properly.

| primarygroup = the user's primary group, as displayed on the forum (in word form, i.e. "Member", "Global Moderator", etc.).
| altgroups = Former Member Groups, for groups that the MFGGer was previously in, but now is not, as well as the other groups that a user is in (using the {{MemberType}} template).
| badges = the badges that a user has (using the {{Badge}} template).

These are only to be used in exceptional cases, where the forum/wiki communication extension isn't performing properly, or where it cannot be used at all.


The badge section's width is carefully formatted to have exactly five badges per line. When editing this template, please do not change the width of the badge section.

Visit Template:MFGGer/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)