Team Dimensional

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Team Dimensional is a fangaming team led by Miaxis (originally founded by scario1) that occasionally works together with Team Everlasting. It consists of Miaxis and Raikyo (who is also the leader of Team Everlasting) as Leaders (Jake Von as inactive leader), along with Char, Jlhgomez, Vertette and a variety of contributors.


This team has had many members, but many losses as well. The founder, Scario, decided that he wasn't going to help at all with the programming or resource creating, and by the decision of the Leading Spriter, Jake Von, and the Leading Programmer, Miaxis, he was kicked off the team. About 3 weeks after the team was founded, jhsoft and Raikyo, both mainly active as Musicians, joined. Somewhen later, Char, who hasn't shown much activity in the past, also decided to join. jhsoft started to show signs of inactivity, and was kicked off the team by Miaxis after not responding for about 2 months. Later, DJ Coco joined, and quit not long after. Jake Von also got inactive at that time, stopping Team Dimensional's progress. Around September 09, Jlhgomez and Vertette joined the team and to help out with planning, Vertette additionally helping out with sprites.


Progress on all projects is currently stopped because Jake Von, the main spriter, is currently unable to access a computer that is connected to the internet. Team Dimensional is/was working on many projects, such as the TD Comics, Shatters Of A Soul, Lampriding and a game which will be kept a secret until the final release.