Taloncrossing Site Management System

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The Taloncrossing Site Management System (TCSMS) is a fangaming resource site management system designed and coded by Retriever II for use on the MFGG 2.0 Mainsite. It has also been licensed to Metroid: Fan Mission and Zelda Fan Game Network. No plans are underway to convert it to open-source, but there are plans to make it generally available as freeware.

TCSMS is currently version 0.8.4.


TCSMS is designed for ease of use by administration and members when submitted, downloading, and approving or editing a variety of fangaming-related projects and resources. It is likely possible to convert the software for other purposes, but its focus remains on fangames.

Among other notable features, administrative updates can input the {{%recent_updates&}} tag to quickly list all of the new content of the site. Assumedly, "new" content is any that was not listed in any of the last uses of {{%recent_updates&}}

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