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Sword in all of his cartoony glory
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Aliases: Sword326, Min-Pin, Weegee
Real name: Matt Richards
Interests: Gaming, Comics, Spriting
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Sword is a regular member of MFGG who began at Nsider under the name of Sword326. This name was used on MFGG before Trasher renamed him to Min-Pin, and then DJ Yoshiman renamed him to Sword (it is likely he could not remember the numbers.)

Sword developed a comic series called Trouble in Nintendoland! before Nsider was shut down. These sprite comics were dependent on MS Paint, but touched up in The GIMP 2.0 for aesthetics. Sword also worked on 8-Bit Anecdotes with a style similar to that of Zelda Comic. Both comics have since been cancelled.

During the two day period in which Tragic gave free name changes, Sword temporarily changed his name to Weegee.

Sword is currently collaborating with Sponge and Robbydude on a comic series that features Sword and Sponge as the protagonists, and Weegee as the antagonist. They have released three issues and are currently working on #4.


Sword is a nice guy who's willing to help out a friend, no matter how lazy he is. He has a bit of an ego, but he keeps it under control as much as possible. He doesn't have a temper to speak of, but when he pretends to be angry, some members will actually buy it. This results in Sword explaining himself, usually in vain.


Sword's Internet persona is a caricature of his actual self, with a roughly matching personality and a wide range of expressions. His weapon is a typical sword.

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