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Aliases: SMM, MarioMaster, Fred
Interests: Fangaming
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SuperMarioMaster joined on September 22nd, 2007, and has spent his time doing random jobs for people, including editing sprites and other activities.


SuperMarioMaster was your average new person, fan looking for Mario sprites, to use in a sprite comic. Google got him to MFGG the sprites, the sounds, the games! Hook-Line-and sinker Soon he became very interested in fan gaming, and thought MFGG was a great place to get the help he needed. (He overlooked GMC)

SMM was still very very VERY new to message boards and in his first topic used a smiley in every post... needless to say many members were not happy with this and made there voices heard.

And like every other new person wanted drawings. But first he had to have a ref, so he made a poorly drawn MS paint ref, And posted it in the arts board. Harsh words said, and hopes crushed, The topic was moved to the Pointless Post Palace. He was hurt by this and being sad, and mad he put it in his sig, to get his "revenge". Then he got what he wanted, a request topic! Coelacanthus made a request topic and SMM jumped in, shortly he had his first drawing/sprite! And it's stayed his ref for almost a year.

Soon he rose in the ranks from your average new guy to kinda cool person. Now he lurks around and is trying to become a well known person.