Super Mario Portal Attack

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Super Mario Portal attack was an event that took place in June 2004, after a topic called "The Fangames From Hell" was posted by Parakarry. At first the topic was intended to display games that were uploaded to Super Mario Portal. These games were not up to the standards that many MFGG members expected at the time, and thus were easily seen as humorous. Eventually the entire topic degenerated into mockery.

A few months after the topic was created, a link to the SMP forums was posted. At the time, there was a drawing competition there. Many MFGG members became annoyed when they saw SMP members being praised for what appeared to be traced official art, so a few members signed up at SMP to post images of their own; mostly joke images.

At one point during the competition, the sudden influx of strangers at SMP caused confusion. Some SMP members wondered how all of these newcomers knew each other. This mystery was solved, however, when a link to the MFGG forums was posted on SMP. This event was reported back to MFGG.

Back at MFGG, the possibility of a counterattack became real, now that all of these strangers could be traced back to one place. Fortunately, a counterattack never occurred due negotiations between the administrators of both forums. Most of the attackers eventually apologized. Meanwhile, Parakarry was at first blamed for the incident, even though the original topic never encouraged a cross-forum flamewar. Then signs pointed to Slam the Chao, who posted the link on SMP. Soon afterward Parakarry registered an account on the SMP forums and apologized on behalf of MFGG, never expecting people to spam the forum.

To help prevent another attack, the MFGG administrators warned all MFGGers who joined SMP for malicious purposes. Some warned members disagreed with this action, as the invasion was off MFGG. The admins eventually removed the warns early, but a new rule was written that disallowed outside disputes from being brought onto MFGG.

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