Super Mario Generations

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Super Mario Generations
Developer(s) Ostrich101, Victorino, GamerinGeorgia, and LangtonLion64.
Announce Date April, 26th 2016
Release Date Probably next year?
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard. (It will have controller support though.)
Medium Construct 2
Platform Windows
Status In development
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Super Mario Generations (not to be confused with the Mod of Sonic Generations with the same name) is a fangame being made by Ostrich101.


As of now the story is a work-in-progress, even though Ostrich has a plan for the story (and he even posted it on the MyBB forums).


Originally, the fangame wasn't even supposed to be Super Mario Generations, but rather a game which had a new partner for Mario, new levels, and a lot of references to Mario's past, both well known and obscure. However at some point the game became too ambitious for Ostrich to work on, and he lost some motivation to make it, but while that was going on a Sprite Competition about making different styled Marios was being held, Ostrich joined and made a Classic Mario based off some artwork from Super Mario All-Stars, after that Ostrich got a new direction for the fangame.

He then scrapped his old idea, and after that he made a recruitment thread on the forums asking for some co-programmer(s), musician(s), and level designer(s).

Hub World Levels (in order)

The Hub World connects to all the levels and bosses in the game. It's based on Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 and the fangame Super Mario 63.

World 1

  • Super Mario Bros's 1-1
  • A underground level from Super Mario World
  • Super Mario Land's 1-2
  • 25m from Donkey Kong Arcade. (Or maybe not.)

World 2

  • Super Mario Bros 2's (USA) 1-1
  • Super Mario's Wacky Worlds's Iceberg 1
  • Super Mario 64's Tiny Huge Island
  • Unknown Boss.


In the Hub World there is door which leads to a room with a Toad with a small cart that when you interact with (by pressing the up arrow), you will be able to play minigames based of other Mario games. These minigames will be taking place in levels which aren't in the main game. (Like a race with Koopa the quick in Bob-omb Battlefield.)