Super Mario Coz

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Super Mario Coz
Developer(s) Gameboy, MechaBowser
Announce Date 2008
Release Date TBA
Genre Platform
Players 1-2
Input Standard keyboard
Medium MechaSource
Platform Windows
Status Cancelled
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Super Mario Coz is a fangame created by Gameboy and MechaBowser exclusively for MechaSource.



Bowser has taken Peach again. Except that he has his eight darling children to help him again. Join Mario and Luigi on their journey across seven lands of the mushroom kingdom and retrieve her majesty.


  • Mushroom Grasslands
  • Swifty Sands Desert
  • Forrest of Illusion
  • Snow Fall Fields
  • The Sky
  • Pointy Mountains
  • Bowser's Lowlands


Moves and Abilities

As like SMW, Mario has the ability to spin jump, killing most enemies in one stomp. Mario can also pick up items ala Super Mario World.


  • Fire Flower
  • Cape Feather
  • Hammer Suit
  • Starman
  • ???
  • ???


Due to MechaBowser's absense, Gameboy possibly claimed this project is now dead and he released his sprites for this project right here.

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