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Aliases: Super Goombario
Interests: Zelda, video games, web design, programming
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HylianDev is an MFGG user from 2006. He went by Super Goombario until 2013. He spends most of his free time programming in either C# or PHP, but doesn't have a whole lot to show for it.


As a child, HylianDev grew up in a home filled with video games. As far back as he can remember, he had the NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 and a decent library of games for each. He was one of the only ones in his family who had an interest for Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Legend of Zelda.

He became a regular on the internet upon discovering Video Game Directors Cuts, a website that made sprite movies parodying major video game franchises from the 8- and 16-bit eras. From there, he discovered MFGG when they became affiliated with VGDC.

Fascinated by the fact that people made available the sprites and sound effects from the video games he loved so much, he started attempting his own rips and edits. They were all mediocre at best, and awful at worst. The only one that got accepted was his sprite sheet of Wart edits, attempting to copy VGDC's video, Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom. The edits were mediocre, but the sheet received decent praise for the included rips, which he did not rip himself, and forgot to give credit. The sheet has since been taken down.

After numerous warnings to use better typing habits in the comments section, he was eventually banned from posting on the mainsite. He afterwards made numerous alts, each one getting banned. The same happened to him on the forums. He then went to ZFGN, where he got better reception for his slightly better rips. He also learned to rip from screenshots he took himself rather than ones he got from Google images.

His relationship with other members on ZFGN wasn't great, though; at least on the forums. Though he only occasionally got banned, and only for short periods of time rather than permanently, he was significantly less mature than the rest of the users, and with it being such a small forum (less than 10 active users at most times), he stuck out a lot.

ZFGN Revival Attempt

After ZFGN and TZGR merged to form TZGN, and eventually closed altogether, he hunted down Falcon and asked for permission to start ZFGN on his own. He didn't exactly get permission, but went on to do it anyway, with much controversy. When he posted about it on MFGG (after creating an alt called ZFGN_Scout), it became quickly obvious that he wasn't able to create a good website, and he was certainly not mature enough to run one. Despite this, he went on trying for years, until a ZFGN revival was attempted by Falcon, Kesha, and others. He, now a competent web developer, actually made a running version of the site, but it never saw any activity. The site disappeared months later. He showed up to help when ZFGN received a revival by its founder Sparks the Echidna, but that was very short-lived.

Internet Leave and Return

In 2012, he officially left all internet forums he was active on after becoming extremely religious. In late 2013, he ended up coming back as HylianDev, less religious than ever before. He's been known to bring it up in the unofficial Skype chats.

Activity After Return

In early 2015, HylianDev submitted a game he made in one sitting called Spoopy Maryo. It sat in the queue for over a month before being accepted. Soon, negative reviews began pouring in. It is one of the least well-received games in MFGG's history, due to its poor graphics, and the nearly-nonexistent gameplay.

On February 16th, 2015, HylianDev was promoted to Global Mod. Unlike most promotions in recent years, he was approached for the position rather than having to apply for it. HylianDev officially became an Administrator on August 6, 2017.

Also in 2015, HylianDev offered to help Guinea developed the new mainsite software, MFGG3. It is planned to be an extension of phpBB and will use the forum accounts for mainsite activity. One day, also in 2015, HylianDev became a Quality Control member. HylianDev had, at one point, got promoted to the Tech Admin group.

On December 2016, HylianDev released Spoopy Maryo Teaches Typing, the sequel to Spoopy Maryo. HylianDev said that the hardest game he's ever played is Super Meat Boy. The consoles he still plays are his NES, SNES, N64, and PS1.

On November 28th, 2018. HylianDev stepped down from Administrator to Tech Admin.