Super Charisma Bros.

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Super Charisma Bros.
Cb screen.png
Developer(s) Vimimin, ~CaMtEnDo~, Miles, StrikeForcer
First release Super Charisma Bros.
January 3, 2013
Latest release Charisma 3.1 for Workgroups
September 24, 2017
Genre Platformer
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows

Super Charisma Bros. is a series of joke games made by Vimimin, based on ideas he and the members of the MFGG Skype Group had regarding a fangame based on inside jokes. It chronicles the adventures Dudim the dolphin, as well as an all-star cast of MFGGers (and in one case, non-MFGGers) as they band together to fight various evils in a multitude of story arcs, loosely based off of events and jokes taken directly from various chat groups. Over the years, the group has shifted through a handful of lineups and features a wide variety of Vimimin's friends as caricatures of themselves in increasingly absurdist plots.


There were originally nine installments, or "issues", of Super Charisma Bros. planned, divided into groups of 3 called "trilogies". The first six games are part of the original plan for nine issues, while 7 is self-contained, and 8, 3.1 (aka 9) and The Last One are a part of their own, new trilogy focusing on a largely new group of Charismites. With that said, 7 is generally accepted as being a part of the latter group of games, even though it doesn't share much in common with them.

The Original Trilogy

Super Charisma Bros.

The first entry in the series, simply known as Super Charisma Bros., has three levels. In the first level, Dudim discovers the creation of the Casual Chat, and he sets off after Heavy Fire to stop him. In the second level, Dudim traverses through a world of smiling baby heads, ultimately ending the level by kicking VinnyVideo into a pit, where he is captured by Heavy Fire. sspp03 appears early on in this level to inform the player of the dangers of pitting toddlers in fights against each other, which has no relation to the rest of the plot whatsoever. In the third and final level, Dudim soars through the sky on a mission to collect 75,000 coins, and he ultimately succeeds after roughly five seconds. After this a fake command prompt appears, and the game ends.

An upgraded edition of the game, titled Charisma: Prog Rock Edition! can be found on the main site.

Super Charisma Bros. 2 (Disco Edition)

The second entry features updated, enhanced graphics, and continues where the previous game leaves off.

  • Texas in a Box Zone

The very first level, Dudim finds himself in Texas on a mission to save Miles and has to fight off swarms of bouncing Genos, with the level ending in a boss fight against Miles himself, after Miles threatens to kick Dudim's "bot". After defeat, it is revealed that it wasn't Miles at all, but instead the evil Heavy Fire, who quickly flees. A confused ~CaMtEnDo~ appears afterwards.

  • Impressive Bullet Bill Placement Zone

The second level has Dudim on a quest to convince sspp03 that his latest Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hack is unfair. This level also ends in another boss fight, this time against sspp03, who charges into battle following a long, angry, typical rant.

  • Bazinga Ranch Zone

Upon defeating sspp03, Dudim travels to the Bazinga Ranch, where he partakes in an epic battle with brynn1100 that inadvertently gets taken to the skies, where Dudim is at last able to triumph over him, upon which the game ends, leaving the fate of the MFGGers uncertain. There's also some joke title card hidden somewhere or something.

An upgraded edition by the name of Charisma 2: Power Metal was planned but ultimately scrapped before development began.

The Brothers Charisma

Reverting back to the graphical style and screen resolution of the first two games, we join Miles as he "attempts to break out of prism". Escaping the stronghold in which he had been held for so long, he manages to chase down Heavy Fire. Meanwhile, sspp03 begins massacring large numbers of babies with his shotgun and subsequently gets arrested for child murder. ~CaMtEnDo~ pursues a career in typing to prevent Mario from committing suicide. After saving Mario, Cam has a confrontation with him over why he had chosen to commit suicide - as it turns out, Mario wanted to teach typing. We then join Miles as he finally confronts Heavy Fire in the nighttime city canopy, where after an epic battle, Miles finally sends him back to Hell from whence he came. Miles, upon defeating Heavy Fire, re-unites with sspp03, who had been able to escape jail, and Cam, still mourning the loss of Mario. Suddenly, Doc appears and explains that due to excess levels of Bazingonium, the explosion caused by the defeat of brynn has sent Dudim back in time, and that they need to travel back to save him. All of the Charisma Brothers board Doc's DeLorean and fly off into the time stream to rescue the dolphin, bringing the first trilogy to a cliffhanger.

The Tim Rogers Trilogy

Charisma 4 (Innuendo)

The fourth entry in the series, the overall quality of the game is spiked to meet that of an original indie title. Dudim is free to bounce around in a sticky sweet candy world consisting of one level, where he meets the mysterious Cousin Horse. Due to the overwhelming quality of this game, as well as numerous personal issues, development fell flat early on, leaving the game ultimately unfinished and never thought out. It's currently available on the main site and is bundled with every other game in the Charisma series that preceded it.

Unused concepts and content included many new original characters as well as new powers and enemies that never saw the light of day.

As of Charisma 5's release, Vimimin has accepted Charisma 4's short prototype (along with a fictionalized variant of the development surrounding it) into the series' bizarre canon: as it turns out, the events of the game along with the aforementioned fictional development events that happened were just a nightmare Dudim had while in a time vortex. Whether the nightmare was caused by a third party has never been revealed (Mad Catz is just one on a long list of suspects).

Charisma 5: The Second Best Thing to Do in the Dark

After a long feud between Dudim and a lot of the integral Charisma Gang members, the future of the Charisma games looked bleak. That is, until Dudim and his friends put aside their differences and befriended one another once again, resulting in the production of yet another Charisma game - Charisma 5.

Charisma 5 completely ignores the events of Charisma 4 (mostly; see above) and chronicles Dudim's trip into the past - As it turns out, a league consisting of Madox, Jay, and Elecman have captured Dudim as revenge for not featuring them in any fangames. The rest of the Charisma Gang has caught up to Dudim, however, and the evil trio rushes to combat them. Genogenesis7 journeys to Windows 95 to confront Madox after destroying his exe henchmen with his laser beams. After that, ~CaMtEnDo~ takes to the skies atop the DeLorean to fight Jay. Finally, Miles jumps into a giant Mega Man game pak for the final showdown with Elecman- in which both perish in the resulting explosion, which was revealed to be all part of the diabolical plot of an unknown villain named Tim Rogers...

After the credits roll, a teaser shows a zombified VinnyVideo, still trapped in Heavy Fire's chamber of enjoyment, of which he was imprisoned in during the events of the very first Super Charisma Bros. Whether or not he will return to seek revenge is anyone's guess.

Charisma 6: The Super Show Prophecy

Charisma 6 is considered by some to be a rushed game. Vimimin released it right before he left MFGG in 2013. This game's story brought the series to a hasty, and to some MFGGers, unsatisfying conclusion.

The game begins with a monologue from Tim Rogers.

  • Lou Albano's Plumber Log Cabin

Dudim and Cam converse with each other in a field about how dangerous it is for Dudim to take on Tim Rogers alone. Regardless, Dudim visits Lou Albano, his spirit guide. Albano teaches Dudim how to use his "phight laser" and to double jump. Afterward, Albano reminds Dudim that a team is more likely to succeed, but is killed by Dudim's counterpart Drewdim before he can finish his sentence. Drewdim warns Dudim that they might cross paths again if he tries to defeat Tim Rogers.

  • Camtendo Zapper

Cam trains with his light gun, only to be confronted by his counterpart, Sarah Jenny. As the duo battle each other, Sarah Jenny's behavior becomes more aggressive and she begins to throw bombs. Shooting these bombs will harm Cam.

  • Good Baby Names

ssp03 goes to find the right dog for him. He finds the one, and the dog fears that ssp03 will hurt him. The stage is the dog imagining what will happen while in ssp03's care.

  • Back To Where You Started... Menu

Greeno returns to Windows 95 to retrieve his apartment key. On his way out, however, he is confronted by his counterpart, BoosterMegadrive14 and is forced to fight a simulation of past Charisma bosses. These include Miles (2), Brynn (2, flight phase), and Heavy Fire (3). This destroys the PC, with BoosterMegadrive still in it.

  • Scrap Negative Zone

Mit has to escape "negative prism". Sarah Jenny tells him not to get any ideas, but the guard laser deactivates and Mit fights his counterpart, Dr. Tim. Tim's defeat results in the entire group being teleported to Tim Rogers

  • Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is hiding behind a disguise composed of Madox, Jay, Heavy Fire, and possibly Elecman. Doc pilots the Delorean to help Cam hurt Rogers, but their attacks prove futile and Miles returns as a ghost to finish Tim Rogers once and for all. The game ends where it began, with a parade of characters watching as Dudim departs for lands yet unknown...

See you next mission.

The Final Games

Charisma 7: Professor Pippin's Amazing Soup!

Made in late 2014 and released on January 1st, 2015, Charisma 7 features a cast completely unrelated to MFGG (sans Dudim himself). Contrary to popular belief, this game does not retcon the originals. That rumor stems from an unrelated game Vimimin made as part of the theatrics regarding his departure in 2013. See Other Media for more information.


Charisma 8 is the latest installment in the series. The game uses Charisma 5's engine, and brings some newcomers (as well as oldcomers) to the table, including Dudim, Miles, StrikeForcer, and Heavy Fire. Charisma newcomers include Kirby's Adventure, Blutorus, Friendly Dictator, and Dustinvgmaster. The second time the series has "ended", the ending is found to be too dramatic or unsatisfying for some.

  • Somewhere In The Middle East - 1994

Dustin, seen as Mike Jones as he appears in Startropics II, comes across Dudim in the desert. On contact, Dudim is sent forward to 1996.

  • Jerry's Apartment - 1996

Kirby's Adventure contacting Dudim in Jerry Seinfeld's bathroom, telling him that when he got launched into space, he time traveled to 1994. He also says they need to round up some "time heroes" and that they should start with "the red one", who Dudim believes this is Chevy Chase. A reason for the need to do these things is not given, as Kirby's Adventure gives only a vague hint.

  • Pacland - 1980

Kirby's Adventure "convinces" Blutorus to join the group during a chase sequence.

  • Pantages Theatre - 1984

The group travels to Talking Heads' groundbreaking Stop Making Sense concert so Blutorus can rescue Friendly Dictator from an evil David Byrne impersonator.

  • Donut Plains - 1991

Due to a stroke leaving FD single-framed, Kirby's Adventure has to rescue Miles and Dustin from Strike's decidedly vanilla Super Mario World hack. Miles explains that he found heaven "boring" and un-died.

  • Casual Chat - 2016

Miles squares off against "Heavy Fire" once again, only to find out that it's actually Dudim. Under the guise of Heavy Fire, he tried to keep things in a time loop; and this is why Kirby's Adventure couldn't tell Dudim the truth.

Charisma 8 won Funniest Game in MFGG Awards 2016.

Charisma 3.1 for Workgroups

Charisma 3.1 for Workgroups was released on September 24th, 2017 and quickly became one of the most acclaimed and well received Charisma titles to date, for some reason.

  • Headquarters (The Apartment)

Cruise Elroy is talking to Dudim. Dustin crashes through the ceiling, reveals he has tickets for the 6 Charismites, and that they are all going to Las Vegas.

  • Viva Las Vegas!

Use your DeLorean to drive to Las Vegas on time and make sure you don't run into any cops.

This stage is reminiscent of the stage in Endless Charisma where Dudim has to avoid the coins flying at him. Doc pilots the DeLorean, avoiding police cars, and the stage is on a 1:30 timer.

  • What The East?

Cash in at the slots and get your 75,000 coins back that you used to invest in a time machine that one time.

Dudim has to try the slots to win back his 75,000 coins used to buy the DeLorean. The slots are luck based, and it's only a matter of time until Dudim wins back the 75,000 coin by getting a triple 7.

  • The Rio

Cruise Elroy and Dustin enter a casino and do a roll call. Dudim went to the slots, Miles goes elsewhere, and Friendly Dictator and Kirby's Adventure have gone to the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival to see DEVO live.

  • Dustin & Cruise's Bullshit

Get through the Rio's infamous "Magic Land" to see Penn & Teller on time. Avoid all things magical!

Dustin carries Cruise throughout this "speedrun" stage, but there isn't a timer - just tight timing on disappearing blocks. This was changed in an update to make the stage more forgiving.

  • Miles Meets an Old... Friend

Sort out a risky business deal with somebody from Charisma's past... just be careful

Miles meets with Madox in a dark room. Madox wants the secret to Miles coming back from the dead, but Miles insists that people can only be resurrected if their heart is "pure as a delicious bag of chips". When Madox gets upset after revealing they are only a "means to a goal" for his "new boss", he transports Miles to a stage that's similar to the "break out of prism" from the third game.

  • Planet America Zone

Mission: Find Madox and probably leave Las Vegas

After traversing through the desert, Miles catches up to Madox and a parody of his confrontation with Heavy Fire ensues. However, Madox transports Miles back to Las Vegas to be arrested.

  • Cornered In The Great Nevada

Dudim and company meet Miles and ask him what's going on. Dudim tells Friendly Dictator not to be surprised, and Kirby's Adventure asks if Miles "sat, on a chip". Miles tells them that he thinks he made a deal with the wrong person, to which Wario appears and agrees with him. He's angry at the gang for using his rigged slot machine, wrecking the Magic Land exhibit, and simply having a "meaty whack, chuckling" vibe. It's revealed that "Miles" set fire to most of Wario's franchises, which is why he's under arrest. Dudim again asks if Wario is the owner of these casinos after previously being ignored, and it's revealed that he only bought them recently, and calls himself "the new boss". Before the entire gang can be arrested, Dudim summons the 75,000 coin by saying "DEUS EX MACHINA" so it crushes Wario. They escape with Doc in the DeLorean.

  • Epilogue

While the gang are discussing how to evade law enforcement on the way home, Kirby's Adventure and Friendly Dictator ask if they've told the others about the DEVO concert. Doc and Dudim tease a flashback to the stage, but complain about how many times they've heard the story. Kirby's Adventure laments his lack of a minigame, and Dustin and Cruise tell him to "let some of us shine for once". The game ends on a rather suspenseful cliffhanger.

Charisma: The Last One

Released on April Fools Day 2018, the game is a direct followup to 3.1 (although a large portion of events are glossed over in a Star Wars style intro crawl). The Charisma group have another absurd falling out and seem to split their ways for good, leaving Dudim to room with Friendly and Kirby's Adventure.

  • Flying Through The Night Skies

After much persuasion, Dudim agrees to take his two roommates back to the Casual Chat to investigate an ongoing crime there. To do so, he must navigate a series of airborne pipes as he wisks himself and his friends through the air collecting coins.

  • Casual Chat: Whip It

Arriving at the Casual Chat, Dudim and company encounter Miles and Dustin, leading to an awkward encounter and an exchange of words that Kirby's Adventure silences to maintain peace. After much pondering, the reunited gang agree sending Friendly in to investigate would be the best idea, and the reluctant Purplian goes forward in full blown DEVO-style garb, complete with a whip and a blistering new wave rendition of the Casual Chat music playing. Once Friendly gets to Heavy Fire's old room, he witnesses Roushi stealing an old flame and making off with it via teleporting.

  • Dudim Gets Bored

After Friendly bemoans the lack of a proper follow-up stage on the stage loading screen, Dudim appears and informs him that he scrapped the rest of the game because it didn't appeal to him, and instead offers to jump over to a much more absurdist plot with Jesus and a wizard. The game ends abruptly and without a proper conclusion, minus a short screen telling the player the game was meant to be an April Fool's joke.

Other Media


Super Charisma MFGG

A game created for April Fools that preceded Charisma 4 only by a week or so. The game consists of various levels from the first 3 games hastily stuck together, as well as a "new" level where the player walks around as Cam in the "Hidden Hentai Palace Zone", an idea Cam had come up with for Charisma 2 that only had only been seen in an expansion for the game prior to this compilation. Not much else is known about the game, since the only way to download it is now lost, since it got deleted from the mainsite along with the rest of the April Fools content. However, Kirby's Adventure has a copy of the game, so it is not completely lost.


Vimimin was growing increasingly tired with the MFGG community in 2013, and the troubles surrounding the development of Charisma 6 had taken a toll on him. The game starts as a clone of Charisma 1, but a cutscene stars while Dudim is still in the first level where Elecky kills him, therefore preventing the future Charismas from happening. This game has been expelled from the Charisma canon and the download link is now dead, making it the "true" lost Charisma game.

Endless Charisma

Endless Charisma was released on April 1, 2016. It is claimed to have more polish and flair than the other installments in the series. It contains new character sprites that were made by Quisciens. Vimimin has stated that this is a "prototype" of Charisma 8.

The game begins with Dudim, who was stuck in space for about 3 years, until a giant Sega logo crashed at him. This caused Dudim to fly toward a planet, landing on Bagel Beach Land. He eventually met Miles, which caused static to appear. Shortly after, the static disappeared, and it was revealed that the game is actually called Superb Charisma.

Superb Charisma begins with Miles buying some bees, since he wants some. However though, the bees appeared to be actually evil, and they tried to kill Dudim. Miles managed to save Dudim by getting rid of the bees. Meanwhile, Gatete made Mr. Hippie Wario Guy Friend angry, which resulted with him running away from him. In another place, Dudim learned how to fly. During his flight, Dudim must avoid getting 10 coins. Some time after, static appeared again. A credits screen appeared after the static, which is followed by a screen that simply contains the words "aprel frills", meaning April Fools.


Super Charisma Quest: Densetsu No Dudim

A Cave Story-esque spinoff developed by ~CaMtEnDo~ with Vitiman's assistance, it featured multiple playable characters traversing a wide, open world in search of special key items and clues to Dudim's whereabouts succeeding the events of Super Charisma Bros. 2. Numerous weapons were to be included and many new characters were also planned for unveiling through this spinoff, but it was ultimately placed on hiatus, largely due to the drama surrounding Charisma 4's development.

It may be worth noting that the title of the game also had the side effect of being an unintentional pun: not only does it translate roughly into "The Legend Of Dudim", but "No Dudim" was precisely the core of the game's plot - that is, Dudim was missing, hence a literal No Dudim.

Corny's Game

This game began development sometime in 2016, and was being developed solely by Corny. The game's plot involved Dudim missing the Rapture. For some reason or another, development ceased not long after it began. Post-cancellation, a few people within the inner Charisma circle criticized the game's plot for missing the humor of a Charisma game, based on the synopsis and speculation regarding Corny's contributions to Dudim in the Family.


Dudim in the Family

A comic that began as a one-off joke and parody of the first strip of the popular webcomic, Brawl in the Family. After more strips were made, it grew into something bigger as an anyone-can-contribute project based around the cast of Charisma 8 (as well as other characters, stemming from the comic's roots in Club Saturn). Despite this, Vimimin, Blutorus, and Kirby's Adventure became the biggest contributors, often alternating who would illustrate on a comic-by-comic basis. This is quite visible to the reader, because every author has their own style of depicting the cast. There have been a number of "story arcs" over the comic's sporadic run, or as close as it gets to them, anyway. They are spread across five (and counting!) parts, and have focused on a number of different characters, including characters exclusive to the comic.

Charisma Jr./Merry Charismas!

Charisma Jr. was being developed by Kirby's Adventure and was planned to act as a "Charisma 8.5" - taking place inbetween Charisma 8 and the now cancelled Charisma 9. The game's plot involved the Charisma 8 cast saving Dudim from KirbyLover2048, who, in this game, would have only been a silhouette. He would have turned Dudim into a child directly after the player would exit the Casual Chat, both as an ambush and to make kidnapping him easier. The game's concept of having juvenile versions of the Charisma characters stemmed from KirbyLover's immaturity at the time. The game was put on hold and cancelled so Kirby's Adventure wouldn't step on Vimimin's toes, both humor and concept wise.

Merry Charismas, also being developed by Kirby's Adventure, was planned to start from where the final Dudim in the Family arc ends. Dudim, mistakenly believing Santa lives in Russia, goes off to find him. He gets lost, and the other Charisma cast members (including newcomers Enchlore and Willsaber, as well as Creamy the Talking Tissue; an alter-ego of sorts for Friendly Dictator) going through a relay-race plot similar to Charisma 8's progression. Not much past that was planned, other than Dustinvgmaster starring in a Startropics-themed level.


A collaboration between Someguy and Vimimin. Not much has been revealed other than what has been shown in the announcement topic on the forums.


Historically, the Charisma games have received a very mixed response from the MFGG community. Several have praised the games for defying conventional joke game storylines in lieu of a more dramatic and continuity-heavy plot that spans several games at once, while others have found the games too "under cooked" to justify the expansive story arcs and character interactions. Since Vimimin believes Charisma's story to be its most important aspect, the games have infamously never had a cutscene skipping mechanic - this has resulted in a rather common criticism of all of the games collectively. Likewise, all of the post-Charisma 3 games, which are significantly more polished than the past entries of the franchise (with the sole exception of 7), have received numerous complaints regarding the games' tendency to never establish any grounded gameplay or consistent features.

That said, the Charisma games also join the ranks of joke games such as Thingio and Late Night Mario in winning multiple MFGG Awards over the years. Of particular note, Charisma 3.1 for Workgroups received 5 awards during the 2017 MFGG Awards, much to the confusion of Vimimin.


  • The location of the original Super Charisma Bros. 2 is unknown. It is believed that the game was ceased and confiscated by the government during its working title as "Polybius".
  • The Brothers Charisma was originally going to be a pseudo-3d platformer starring Miles, but this version was scrapped after a level and a boss fight was created. The prototype was also sent to a select few MFGGers via Skype, and a jokingly "finished" variant was showcased on both the forums and as a bonus in the main site's version of Charisma 4.
  • Vimimin (and to a lesser extent Genogenesis7) are admittedly huge Queen fans, which would explain why the Charisma games are rife with Queen references and tidbits of Queen songs.
  • A parody of the first game was contained within P-Switch Predicament.
  • Dudim in the Family introduces Mors, Willsaber, Gato, and Enchlore. Despite this, none of them were regulars of the cast, and Gatete as well as KirbyLover2048 were in single strips as incidental characters.


  • The evil counterparts to Dudim, Cam, Greeno, and Mit are Drewdim, Sarah Jenny, BoosterMegadrive14, and Dr. Tim, respectively.
  • The simulations featured in Greeno's level are Miles (Charisma 2), Brynn (Flight phase), and Heavy Fire (The Brothers Charisma).
  • The characters that get absorbed into Tim Rogers for the final boss are Heavy Fire, Madox, Jay, and Elecky.

Unused Concepts

Charisma 9 was announced sometime in 2016, following the positive reception to Charisma 8, as well as the group asking for another to be made. After several revisions of the project, one of which was titled Super Charisma Land, circumstances regarding Vimimin's personal life as well as temporarily reconciling with a member affiliated with the older group led to the project being cancelled. During that conversation, his correspondent agreed with the points he had regarding his reluctance to finish Charisma 9, ultimately leading to its cancellation - for a brief period of time, anyway. One of the plans for Charisma 9 was to end the series with a greatly polished game (moreso than 5, 6, or 8), but that would not come to fruition, instead finding a middle ground, similar to Charisma 6. During the summer of 2017, Vimimin experimented with a brand new concept for Charisma 9 that took place in 1989 and involved the gang going back in the past to save Dudim from being murdered by a revived Tim Rogers. This concept got far enough into development that he released a teaser game in June of that year to a largely positive reception. Unfortunately, Vimimin couldn't realistically finish the game due to very unfortunate housing concerns and had to cancel development.

Following a large gap in time where no Charisma development took place, Vimimin returned to working on the next Charisma game in early September 2017 (these development cycles ultimately resulting in the highly successful Charisma 3.1, the finished concept for 9), which alternated between a Charisma game stylistically mimicking NES games and a conventional platformer that allowed the player to take control of whichever Charismite they wanted. Neither of these concepts got very far into development, although Vimimin has claimed that he finished an engine for the platformer concept and has gone back and forth regarding using said engine in a future Charisma game (likely in a throwaway gag).

Various concepts for Charisma 9's plot were floating around, multiple of which involved KirbyLover2048 and Heavy Fire (or, alternatively, Berkian) being the main villains. The following are the original concepts for Charisma 9, as well as Endless Charisma.

" Charisma is done, and arguably has been for a while and just took a long time with its epilogue. My idea for [Charisma 9] was to have it be a full blown parody of Return of the Jedi's climax, where Dudim is lured to the "dark side of the moon" (which in this case is the opposite of charisma: a person who keeps to themselves and is anti-social) by Darth Fire and his leader, Emperor KirbyLover. Eventually, [even though] Dudim pleads to Darth Fire to "find the charisma in yourself", they have a battle leading to the Emperor trying to shoot Dudim with a shotgun at point blank range. [The shot] severely wounds Dudim, but Darth Fire isn't having any of that, so Darth Fire shoots a giant one wave beam laser at the Emperor, throwing him off the edge and killing him. But, this weakens Darth Fire for a reason I had yet to write about (it would have been a dumb reason, don't worry), so Darth Fire admits to Dudim that he was right - he could have had charisma, in fact, that's all he wanted again anyways. Dudim, perplexed, admits he doesn't get the "again" part, since Heavy Fire was always an awkward weirdo. Sure enough, the mask comes off revealing... Greeno!!!!

My plan for Endless Charisma was a parody of Empire Strikes Back. [Charisma 9] was written after that fell through, but when I still figured it would be funny to randomly parody Star Wars, that would have been "the extent" of the main returning team member. [However,] I was going to have a scene in the end where a random stormtrooper watches intently as Dudim walks away from the whole mess during the credits. [Then,] he takes off his helmet and it's, like, totally Cam. I figured everyone who was there from the get-go deserved a send off. Another idea I had that I scrapped was to have Tim Rogers return, but the way I was going to do it felt a touch egotistical.


— Vimimin, regarding Charisma 9's plot in private conversation

Heavy Fire's Origin and Berkian

The following are details regarding the origin of Heavy Fire and Berkian's planned inclusion in Charisma 9.

" I like to think Heavy Fire was created back in the '70s, when a group of hippies trying to "set their souls free" started a ritual bonfire. Through this bonfire they required sacrifices of the corporate world, but all anyone had on them was one young foreign tribesman, who had a chinese-to-english dictionary that he admitted was poorly written and not very good but was fiddling with to learn the basics. Nonetheless, it was an object that was bought through capitalism, so it sufficed.

They threw the book into the fire and then, as the pages turned to ash, they sprinkled their mysterious "flower power powder" into the flames until they flared into the night air and disappeared. Heavy Fire was created from this mastery of foolishness and naiveity.

Is that why he's terrible at English?

Yes. The reason why Heavy Fire has sunglasses is an unrelated incident, but I'm not sure what though.

Berkian's inclusion [in Charisma 9] could work with that backstory. KirbyLover could have tried to make his own Heavy Fire, using a skull.

It could also explain their different motives. Heavy Fire is all about community and helping people, albeit he's easily manipulated into doing things for Tim Rogers but that's out of his league. Berkian does nothing but promote his hack, which reflects KirbyLover's desire to have all the attention he wants. Likewise, Heavy Fire's desires come from being made by hippies.

Maybe KirbyLover is a fanboy of the original Charisma villains and tried making his own set? Hell, Brynn and KirbyLover even have similar colourschemes (imagine that).


— Vimimin and Kirby's Adventure regarding Heavy Fire's origin in private conversation

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