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Subby's reference, drawn by Max Rider.
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Aliases: Sub-kitty, Subby, Sub, Subbykin
Interests: Drawing, video games and other stuff
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Subby is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on March 27th, 2007. She is a calm and a cheerful person.


Subby is 16 years old and British. She tends to go insane from time to time, but eventually calms down. She has some friends on MFGG and likes to hang out and draw on iScribble. She posted a lot in the Pointless Post Palace back when it still existed. For a while, Subby went through a phase where she replied using only a single smiley, both in and out of the PPP. Later, she usually posted in the Casual Conversation Castle and other forums, including the Arts Board.

Subby has not been seen on MFGG since the summer of 2009. Different explanations have been offered in connection with her disappearance.


Her current friends on MFGG are BanjoSonic, Mechant, Peardian, Gato, Fujiko, Neopolis, Tommy631, Pikaboo, Yoshiman, Shyguy Grey, Max Rider, Nnnk, Char and Captain Flame Guy.

Her character

Subby's character is a purple cat anthro with short green and red hair. She has recently changed her outfit, adding a zippered jacket over her normal blue dress with a buttoned cuff, angular coattails, and a white glove. Her other arm now has metallic plates on her shoulder and forearm, connected by a chain. Her scarf has also been extended and drapes behind her.


  • Likes to listen to music, sprite, draw, and other stuff during her free time.
  • She is the owner of the room "Let's go crazy." on iScribble.
  • Can be rather shy at times.
  • She likes helping out with stuff, such as the wiki.
  • Her favorite sport is football.
  • She likes to talk to others, throughout MSN (mostly) and AIM.
  • Her favourite band is Coldplay.