Stupidity Discharge

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On June 8th, 2006, the Pointless Post Palace once again was nearing page 1000. When the page count was 996, a Lost-esque counter appeared on the top of every page and topic in the Pointless Post Palace showing how many pages of topics were left until page 1000. It was accompanied by different siren sound effects from a specific episode of Lost, namely the Season 2 finale.

Lightning created page 1000. A few minutes later, the Pointless Post Palace became whited out, a sound clip of the electromagnetic discharge played, and the title of the page became "Stupidity Discharge". It was then closed off to public viewing, and a new forum, "Pointless Fallout", was created.

ShadowMan proceeded to prune the Pointless Post Palace of topics to prevent another database crash; during this time, the Pointless Post Palace was closed off to the public. However, he used Invision's prune function. Because so many people were accessing the boards at the time of the database-straining pruning process, he proceeded to crash Taloncrossing's SQL server (which took down GDA, the Taloncrossing forums, and anything else hosted on Taloncrossing that required SQL). About 15 minutes later, everything came back online, including half of the Pointless Post Palace (the other half was purged).