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Stario is a fancharacter created by Mikeystar45, which has starred in a series of stories and comics on the MFGG forums.



Stario was introduced to MFGG on November 13, 2009. Mikeystar45, a newly registered member, had a simple question for MFGG. "Do yall know who Stario is?" Piece by piece, the topic creator gave more information about his fan character Stario, giving paragraphs of facts about this fictional universe which Stario was located in. The biggest trend in these stories were that almost all the characters and locations contained puns based on the word "STAR" in some way. When he saw this, DavidCaruso decided to create a fanfiction series based on this. This spawned a comic adaptation by Zero Kirby, as well as numerous edits and other images, until the topic was locked (at 12 pages). However, Stario and related material are still continuing to be posted around the MFGG forums.

Original Source Material

Here are the verbatim copies of the original source material Mikeystar45 posted about his Stario series in the original Stario topic. There are 15 posts total.

Post 1: The Introduction

Do you guys know who Stario is? Just to tell you, I'm the creator of Stario, sharing my character with as well. I'm gonna make Stario in my video games in the far future.

Post 2: The Exposition

Stario is a legendary hero actually. He lives on this planet named Starlight. There are many gods on that planet, helping legendary heroes defeating evil villains, such as Stario. There's Sunshine, the hero of the Sun and Moon the power of Earth and Ice. they are special. Stario wields a sword and Sunshine wields a fire sword. They are special, but they do have some very powerful villains. Stario and Sunshine is human.

Post 3: The Villains

One dragon is named Thriaglar. He has the elements Fire, Ice, Lightning, Grass, Water and Earth! He has the main six elements.He's the father of Sterowser. Sterowser is a dragon but has no wings. He has red hair, has a long tail, can control Thunder and can breathe fire. He rides a thunder cloud and has two assistants: Helmet Bro #1 and Helmet Bro #2. They also wield the power of thunder.

Post 4: About Sylvia

Stario was married when he met this princess named Sylvia. Sylvia wears a yellow dress and has a umbrella since it was raining.

     Stario finished most of the troubles in different towns that day. Once of the gods said that Stario is going to marry that woman. Sylvia is the queen of the Starshine Kingdom. The Starshine Kingdom has a extremely large grassy plain. It would take a month for people to pass it. But not for the legendary heroes.
     Stario met Sylvia and she wanted to hang out in Giant Star City for awhile. She was actually trying to find someone to solve her troubles cause she heard that a dragon(Sterowser) was terrorizing her kingdom.
     She met Stario, and Stario helped her with alot of her troubles. Then they soon got married. Sylvia is a gentle but a brave woman. She loves to have a god hygiene, because she doesn't like to

Post 5: The Starshine Kingdom, and More About Stario

Starlight Kingdom is Starshne kingdom. There is no such thing as a koopa, but there are Dragoons.They're dragons that are human size, has a shell like that shell on Yoshi's back, and has a dragon nose has a square shaped head, comes in red,green,yellow,or blue. Some have wings, some don't. Also Stario wears a star belt, with a star on it.Everything is not star like. the towns are like Toad Town, but the houses are shaped like Planet Earth like houses.They are not Mushroom shaped. Stario doesn't have a hat or cap, he just have hair and a head.But, he does like sports such as Basketball,Baseball,Slideboarding and other sports. Same as the Dragoon Bros. Helmet Bros. Sylvia's friend Tashia and Sterowser Jr. and more other characters.

Post 6: The Enemies of the Starlight World

The enemies or the Starlight world are Kuobies-Goombas,Dragoons-Koopas, Carkinranha Plants-Piranha Plants,ParaDragoons-Paratroopas,Star bombs-Bob-ombs,Hungariousaurs-Rexes,Blue Dragoons,Red Dragoons, Fall Leaf, Poison Leaf,Cure Leaf,Giant Dragoons,Needle Bros.,Thunder Bros. and more!!!! Note:enemy-replacement EX:Kuobie-Goomba Star Bombs are not alive

Post 7: Even More about the Starshine Kingdom, and Stario's Star Charm

Anyways, the Starshine Kingdom is not a city.It has a huge grassy plain with Giant Star City and has big striped mountains with a Skyland in which you climb from a vine.It has Shroomy Town,Bahra Jungle where Sterowser's Mountain is and where Sterowser Castle is.Bahra Jungle is a gigantic jungle.It has Stony Ruins, and has Spring Plains which is the entire area of the Starshine Kingdom.There's SpringLing Town, and Shroom Plains(NOT AN AREA OF THE STARSHINE KINGDOM) and more spots! Stario wears a star charm, where he has his powers.There, he has his Speed Star(Makes Stario run fast),Power Star(Makes Stario have more physical power)Fly Star,makes Stario fly,Fire Star(Stario wields the power of fire),Ice Star(Stario wields the power of Ice),Thunder Star,Grass Star,Earth Star,Water Star, Rainbow Star(Lets Stario run in the sky on a rainbow trail) and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening to my creative ideas.I'll tell even more about Stario.

Post 8: Sterowser's Castle

Sterowser's Castle is like Bowser's Castle. It has lava, the Castle is made of bricks, Is very cloudy, and Sets on a giant inactive volcano.Thanks man for making these wonderful Stories, and make more, it's awesome. Please know I'm making this book called Stario's Adventure. Yes Sylvia has a castle, but it's not a Giant Star.

Post 9: Stario's Friends and Family

You know, you heard of Krupa and Dragrupa? They're helpers of Stario.Dragrupa wields a sword and Krupa wants to be a hero but he can't.He lives in a big house.His family is rich!But Krupa is getting passionate along his way,trying tobe a hero.And yes Stario has a father that is a magician.His name is Goslin.Try another story of Stario but this time with Moon and Sunshine.You'll learn about him in the topic.Look for him.

Post 10: Stario's Star Board

Stario rides a Starboard-Kinda like that warp star on Kirby Superstar.Stario has a health star to revive people, for example, to cure Sylvia.Stario has sand star,bone star, and Infinite Star(Makes him invincble forever!)Stario had a adventure in other space two, with this Elemental Star named the comet star.In this formation, Stario speeds up like a comet, Is able to breathe, and is like a comet.Stario has ALL KINDS OF stars.You know Stario has partners like Sunshine, Moon and Baby Stario? And there is Dark Stario.REMEMBER, DARK STARIO IS REPLACED WITH MOONIO.There is Sprak, Sterowser's partner and has a love for thorns, he wears a helmet that's spiky and is a small dragon.Kinda like Sterowser Jr.There, more for the story. What about Shroomy Mountains, Dragoon Island, Mushroomy Forest, Dragoon Plains and Sunshine Island?Note that the places I named are not in the Starshine Kingdom.

Post 11: Sterowser's Team

Sterowser don't have no children but Sterowser Jr. Now Sterowser's teammates are: Sterowser Jr. Sprak, Greather(Sprak's Brother), Thriyaglar(Terrorizer of the Starshine Kingdom), Dragoon Bros., Thunder Helmet Bros.(Also Helmet Bros.). and Dragoons.

Post 12: The Caterpillars, and Anger

There's caterpillars in Starlight World. There are Gorillas, Monkeys, Birds,Frogs,Insects,Crocodiles,Dinosaurs, DRAGONS and humans, dogs, squirrels, cats and more animals. NO WHERE IN STARLIGHT LAND THERE IS STAR SHAPED AREAS! I'll repeat it: NO WHERE IN STARLIGHT LAND THERE IS STAR SHAPED AREAS! Get it?

Post 13: Physical Descriptions of Stario and Moonio

Stario does not wear a cap, he has hair.he has everything on a face but hair(excluding accessories).He DON'T wear overalls, so don't even think of drawing that.Stario wears a Star charm, has his partner Sunshine.Sunshine wears the same things as Stario, but he wears a Sun Charm instead.He has a orange long Sleeve Shirt, wears a Sun belt with the Sun Symbol *. And he wears fire like gloves that are white. Same for Moon, but he wears a purple-long sleeved shirt, Moon Belt with the Moon symbol(Shaped like that 3up moon off of Mario 3) he doesn't wear a cap, has brown boots, and has Dark Violet Pants. Sunshine wears Blue Pants and wear brown boots.Yes Moon and Sunshine has gloves.

Post 14: Retconning Everything

Moonio is a planet, Moon is Stario's partner, and Dark Stario is the opposite of Stario. He's evil like Sterowser.He wears the same clothing as Moon, but his Star Belt symbol is a Purple Star with white eyes.

Post 15: Clarifying Stario's Appearance

Stario doesn't have a cap, but has everything on his face like Mario(EXCEPT THE CAP!) I mean't that. HE DOESN'T HAVE a hat.Stario wears a yellow long sleeve shirt.and a star charm.He has puffy hair but not a afro. I might just make a picture......

The Fanfiction Episodes

Here are verbatim copies of the episodes that DavidCaruso (and a guest writer, B.M.) posted. Many of the canon intricacies to the original Stario posts by Mikeystar45 were changed in this adaptation, but it was still critically acclaimed by all MFGGers. Zero Kirby's later comic adaptation would be another Stario-based hit.

Episode 1

Episode #1
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

One day, Stario, the STAR PLUMBER OF THE STARLIGHT KINGDOM, woke up to the STARS above him (because in the STARlight Kingdom, it is always night). When he checked his STAR-shaped mailbox after brushing his STAR-shaped teeth, he found a letter from Steroweser! "Dear Stario, The STAR princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa 5-STAR hotels!" Then, Helmet Bros #1 and #2 jumped down from the STAR-filled sky (presumably from a STAR-shaped ship) and said "STARIO! We finally meet! You must die!"

To be continued...

Episode 2

Episode #2
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Stario (who is not a dragon, but actually a human, and wears a star belt with a star on it) was staring down the Helmet Bros. intensely. The fight had been very intense so far - Stario was using his STAR STARE on the Helmet Bros. (who were not Koopas, but actually dragons with shells like Yoshi's) to defeat them, but strangely, it wasn't working.

All hope seemed to be lost when Sylvia, Stario's unintroduced wife (who wore a yellow dress), slapped the Helmet Bros. to STAR HELL with her umbrella (because it was raining)! Once again, Sylvia and Stario have saved Giant STAR City and the STARSHINE KINGDOM! Thank the STARS!

Then Sylvia, Tashia, and Stario went to play baseball, basketball, slideboarding, and other extreme sports all at the same time. They ran across the huge grassy plain of the Kingdom at like 8000 miles a second (much faster than any normal STAR person could)!

But what about Sterowser?

To be continued...

Episode 3

Episode #3
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Stario immediately felt that something was very wrong.

"Wait," said Stario, "Sylvia, didn't Sterowser the STAR dragon kidnap you to a 5-STAR hotel?"

"Oh," said Sylvia, "I escaped using a Warp STAR."

"Cool story sis," replied Stario. "Let's go beat up Sterowser anyway."

So Stario, Sylvia, but not Tashia (she had to go make a sandwich) went on a journey to beat up Sterowser. Along the way to Sterowser's STAR Castle, they met many Kuobies (Goombas), Dragoons (Koopas), Carkinranha Plants (Piranha Plants), and STAR Bombs (Bob-Ombs, and they are not alive).

Finally, they arrived at Sterowser's STAR castle, which was shaped like a perfect STAR. It flashed rainbow colors and played techno music, while showing reruns of Dancing with the STARS on embedded TVs.

"How intimidating!," said Stario.

To be continued...

Episode 4

Episode #4
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Right before they went into Sterowser's Mountain STAR Castle, Stario asked Sylvia, "Hey, did you know the STARshine Kingdom isn't a city...and it's actually a KINGDOM?"

"No shit, STARlock," said Sylvia.

Then they walked through Sterowser's STAR Castle, beat up Sterowser in 5 seconds, and took a STARcraft to the Shroom Plains (WHICH IS NOT AN AREA OF THAT STARSHINE KINGDOM)! Stario used his STAR charm to be charming, and also to get his Speed Star so he could run even faster across the grassy plains of the Starshine Kingdom! Sylvia, on the other hand, died of AIDS on the way.

To be continued...

Episode 5 (Guest Episode by BM)

episode 5

STARring Captain Lou Albano as Stario
also STARring
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

"Oh STARSTARSTARSTAR!" said Stario after Sylvia's death. "Now I don't have any good co-STARS!! What now?" Stario pondered this question for what seemed like 56 jillion years.

"I know! I'll go see my father that is a magician! His name is Goslin!"

So Stario hopped in his STARCAR and drove across a huge grassy plain with Giant Star City to find his dad.


"MOONIO?!" asked Stario in confusion!

Episode 6

Episode #6
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Stario was all STAR-eyed at his father Goslin. "MOOOOOOOONIOOOOOOO?!" he said again.

His father put his STAR-shaped STAR shades on. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH," Goslin said.

"Okay," said Stario.

So Stario went back into his STARocket with Team STARocket (and STARyu) to Moonio's moon base. But something very bad happened! The STARocket crashed...into a bad guy STAR!

Team STARocket died of cancer immediately, but Stario was able to get on his Warp STAR STARboard to make it to Moonio's base with STARyu. But STARyu died too.

Moonio's moon base looked very queer, because it was shaped like a STAR, but it had a few cock-shaped STARs orbiting it as well. While Stario was gazing at the base, suddenly, Sprak, Sterowser's STAR partner who had a love of thorns, appeared! He put on his spiky STAR helmet (making him look kind of like a dragon), and threw a bunch of thorns at Stario.

"Oh no," said Stario. "I better use my Bone STAR!"

Stario used his Bone STAR, and his boner grew so big that he was able to whack Sprak off the base...into the STARS.

Stario then sped up like a comet (he was also able to breathe in space) and rushed into Moonio's base.

To be continued...

Episode 7

Episode #7
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Stario rushed into Moonio's moon base and found Moonio laughing evilly at a computer screen.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!" Stario cried.

"Oh. Hi. Let's fight," Moonio said.

Stario immediately used his Caterpillar STAR to create several saddleback caterpillars the size of greyhound buses! He rode over Moonio eighteen times. But then...

Moonio was able to gain access to his Trap Card STAR! Suddenly, he was in possession of an ancient Egyptian STAR laser beam. "OH STAR GOD WHAT WILL I DO," Stario said.

Suddenly, Sylvia's STAR spirit appeared out of nowhere to Stario.

"To defeat Moonio, you have to ride the saddleback caterpillars on the STAR laser beam and then do a STAR backflip off to punch them in the face and/or STAR jump on them!"

Then Sylvia disappeared. Stario started pumping up his STAR power so that he could get his co-STAR back once and for all. Then he rode his saddleback caterpillars onto the laser beam, did a STAR backflip, put on STAR-shaped shades in mid-air, and STAR jumped on Moonio, crushing all of Moonio's bones, while bashing Moonio in the face with his fist at the same time (in an awesome fashion).

Sylvia immediately reappeared in all her STARlicious glory, and hugged Stario.

"Looks like this story..." Stario put on STAR shades on top of his other STAR shades..."has a happy ending. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH."


Preliminary Epilogue

Preliminary Epilogue
An adaptation by DavidCaruso

Stario and Sylvia went back to their house, and argued like married couples do. Eventually, Stario killed Sylvia in a fit of rage after she cheated on him with a STAR broomstick. Stario then went to STAR HELL.

The Helmet Bros. are orbiting the STARSHINE KINGDOM (NOTE TO SELF: SHROOM PLAINS ARE NOT A PART OF THE STARSHINE KINGDOM!!!!!) in space, along with Sprak.

Tashia has started a sandwich making company...shaped like a STAR. She is one of the only characters in the series who has not experienced AIDS or cancer at some point. However, Thriaglar the unmentioned dragon ate her.

Sterowser and Moonio are still dead, and they play poker with Stario in STAR HELL.

The Kuobies, Dragoons, Carkinranha Plants, and STAR Bombs don't even matter (they were mentioned for what, one line?), so they all experienced a mass extinction after the Helmet Bros. combined with Sprak to form a huge meteor and destroyed half the Starshine Kingdom (in about 1000 years).

Shigeru Miyamoto is still Japanese.

The saddleback caterpillars are living with Goslin, who takes care of them. However, some guy with bacon on his face has offered to replace him.

Team STAROcket and STARyu got revived after Moonio was killed, and are now plotting to steal STARikachu to power their new STAR-shaped atomic bomb.

But is this really all? Find out tomorrow, if this topic is still alive! For all you know...I could just be pulling this stuff out of my ass!

Comic Adaptation of the Stario Fanfiction

MFGGer Zero Kirby decided to take DavidCaruso's fanfiction and turn them into a comic series. (Note that each comic does not correspond to each episode.) The resulting images were absolutely amazing.

Sadly, although the adaptation was critically acclaimed by MFGGers as well as DavidCaruso, the original author, it was short-lived, because the Stario topic was locked shortly after Episode 8 was made. (This corresponds roughly to the end of fanfiction episode 2.)

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Other Adapations of Stario

Sterowser's Stoopalings

Due to the fact that every character just has "St" in front of their name, MFGGer Cy the python decided to post Sterowser's Stoopalings.

Unlike the Zero Kirby comics and David Caruso adaptation, these have not been recognized as canon in the Stario legacy by creator Mikeystar45, and have in fact been refuted by him. But they're still here anyway.











Pip/Mikey Controversy

Pip Bernadotte also has created a character named Stario and brought him up in the original Stario topic. This version of Stario is a villain that would have starred in Pip's elementary school comic, Kirby Adventures. He appears as a yellow star-shaped being, with green overalls and a red skull cap. Unfortunately, the story was canceled long before they would have reached Stario's planet. However, Pip has expressed infrequent thoughts of bringing the series back.


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