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Aliases: Spritey, Sprit
Interests: Gaming, Drawing, Spriting, Animating, Guitar
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Spritanium, commonly known as Spritey (and occasionally misspelled as "Spiritanium"), was a relatively well-known MFGGer during the latter half of the 2000s. As his name implies, his primary hobby at the time was spriting. He would often join Sprite Competitions, usually making it into the Top 5. During his MFGG heyday, Spritey would often begin projects without ever finishing them - including but not limited to Mario fangames, flash-animated music videos, and "group drawings" of MFGG's most notable members.

Spritey was also known by some as a semi-popular YouTube Poop creator between the years of 2008 - 2010. He is responsible for videos such as "Hotel Mario Bloopers", and his channel has amassed nearly 2.5 million views overall (that used to be a lot).

Beginning in 2015, Spritey became the lead web developer for version 2.0 of Minus World, an offshoot of MFGG that was originally created following The Split in 2010. Minus World aims to provide a more adult-targeted forum experience compared to MFGG, with lots of meta-game features and self-referential humor, while still appealing to people who grew up with - and out of - MFGG.

Nowadays, Spritey is a front-end web developer and hobbyist musician. He doesn't spend much time on MFGG anymore, as he feels somewhat out of touch with the younger userbase and would usually rather discuss topics unrelated to fangaming. However, he still makes sure to pop in occasionally to see what's new.


Spritey joined the MFGG Forums on April 8th, 2005. Though he was 11 years old at the time, he had already developed an interest in spriting. His purist grammar, as well as his god complex, to the point of calling others his inferiors, gave him a reputation for being annoying.

Though nobody was particularly fond of him for over a year, Spritey gradually began to better fit in the MFGG community.

By 2006, Spritey had dropped his tremendous ego, and he was more well-mannered. During this time, Spritey began to improve his spriting skills by entering nearly every Sprite Competition. To further improve his spriting abilities, he became a prolific contributor to Bacteriophage's "R/B Hoenn Project", in which every 3rd generation Pokémon was to be sprited in 1st generation Gameboy style. The project was never completed, and was eventually forgotten.

In 2007, user Bill Ding posted a topic in the PPP entitled "I want to make a flash", with the subtitle "but what of?". T-Man was quick to respond with "Me". Shortly after that, Spritey posted, "I can be t-man's trusty sidekick". Eventually, this grew into the concept of a full-fledged flash "motion picture". While the movie was discussed for quite awhile, very little animation was developed. In 2008, the project was canceled.

By 2008, he was easily recognized, and many artists had drawn him on their own accord. In the Summer of 2008, Spritey developed new hobby for Youtube poop. Though Youtube poop was generally looked down upon, Spritey, influenced by WalrusGuy (among others), knew that the concept of Youtube poop could be taken beyond modulating a video's clip length. Spritey's first large-scale Youtube poop was titled "Hotel Mario Bloopers"; it's also his most popular. It was a simple chroma key test that featured some of the Hotel Mario cutscenes with explosions added. Because of this video, Spritey has become well-known for his explosive videos. Another well known video of Spritey's is called "RabbitRoll". It features Colgate's Dr. Rabbit, a popular Youtube poop material, singing the chorus to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Spritey promised a full .mp3 of the song once the video reached 20,000 views. The video now has more than double that, but, as he often states, "laziness has gotten the better of me". He hopes to continue making Youtube poop in the future.

In 2009, Spritey began to take a liking to Source games. He played Left 4 Dead most often, though he also owned the Orange Box and Garry's Mod.