Spoopy Maryo

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Spoopy Maryo
Spoopy Maryo.png
Developer(s) HylianDev
Announce Date January 2015
Release Date February 19, 2015
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Macromedia Flash 8
Platform Windows
Status Released

Spoopy Maryo is an Atari 2600 styled survival minigame developed by HylianDev shortly after his promotion to Global Moderator. HylianDev developed the game in a very short amount of time with low standards, because he did not intend for the fangame to be accepted onto the mainsite, and was in fact, simply a joke to the Site Staff. After its being accepted onto the mainsite, it was excessively bashed for its lazy game design and for barely fitting the definition of a video game.

A level based on Spoopy Maryo was featured in P2013X. A sequel to the game, which was called Spoopy Maryo Teaches Typing, was released on the Message Boards in December 30, 2016, and then the main site in December 31 of the same year, which included the original game within.


Mario is being chased by a ghost, and he must run as fast as he can to escape.


Mario is controlled by rapidly tapping A. The more rapidly the key is pressed, the more momentum will be built up. It is not, however, possible to "win" the game. The ghost will collide with Mario and kill him if the player does not move, and upon reaching a certain point, indicated by a faint piano noise, the ghost will instantaneously run into Mario. Upon colliding with the ghost, the game will abruptly end, with Mario fallen over and bleeding out across the ground.

There is a chance that the game might work differently than usual. Mario would run to the left instead of the right, and then a screen that contains nothing but black and a corrupted-looking Mario in the left side (who slightly rotates and makes noise) would show up shortly after.


Spoopy Maryo was generally proclaimed as an abomination of a fangame, and had no merits whatsoever (with the exception of the few who found the graphic style unique). So strong was the negative reaction to the game, that it was removed from the mainsite within one week of its acceptance. Many players determined that it was not actually a game, as there was no goal material and very little atmosphere, though this conclusion was found very questionable by others.

It was later revealed that HylianDev did not actually intend for the game to be accepted by the Quality Control, as it was simply a joke for the Site Staff. DJ Coco stated that he had in fact not played it as he assumed that a member of the Site Staff would not submit something if it was not of sound quality. It has been theorized that VinnyVideo was the second person to accept it onto the mainsite, as he has a history of being lenient about game submissions. This information did not, however, alleviate the consistently negative reviews the game had been given.