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Cosmic Trash Nebula, formerly the Space Junk Galaxy, is a forum for off-topic posting that was created on July 9, 2017, in honor of MFGG's 16th birthday. It can be regarded as a successor to The Lounge, the PPP, and the CCC. Space Junk Galaxy is also the new home for forum games, since Forum Games has been archived.

Exclusive Rules

Along with its creation, the Space Junk Galaxy also came with its own rules. They are as follows:

  • Rules against spamming and flooding are relaxed in the Space Junk Galaxy. However, remember that all regular forum rules still apply, so be nice and stay classy.
  • Spamming: Posting in Space Junk Galaxy is casual but not pointless. It's a place for posting things that don't necessarily warrant a serious response, but please keep your posts coherent. Short posts and reaction images are OK, but utter gibberish is not.
  • Flooding: There's no limit to the number of topics you can have open, including forum games. Don't go bonkers and create a dozen new topics in a few minutes, though.

Initial Trial Basis

The Space Junk Galaxy was added on a trial basis over the summer. Due to the success of the forum, it has now become permanent as part of the Community.

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