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Aliases: Soiyeru, Soiy, Soy
Interests: Drawing, Video Games, Computers, Anime, Anything not involving too much physical labor, etc. etc.
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Soiyeruda joined MFGG on March 7th, 2008, and has been a regular member ever since, being seen often. He has average ability in game creation, drawing, and little proficiency in spriting, and hopes to improve his abilities, which constantly grow. His current project is a fangame called Super Peach Dreams. He's a bit eccentric, being able to take on many different personas depending on what he is talking about, but typically critiques other people's work, taking much thought into it.

Before MFGG

Before Soiyeruda joined MFGG, he was in the Game Maker Community. However, he soon decided to leave because he felt that the community itself distracted him from doing anything. One of those days he was on MFGG, his younger brother found MFGG, and began playing some simple Mario Fangames from it. After about 6 months or so, he decided to create an account, and joined the community.

Time at MFGG

Soiyeruda constantly posts everyday, quite a few of which are critiques on other people's work, most of which are negative reviews, some of which turn out to be longer than they should be. He hates going to the CCC, mostly because he sees no value in it, and not many people like the topics he talks about. Under most circumstances, he hangs around in the General Chat, due to the more seriousness of the topics, and the various competitions posted, which he enters as often as possible. Most people don't have a problem with him, but he sometimes says things in the wrong way, which makes some people angry with him, resulting in slightly long explanations of his mistake.

All about Soiy

Soiyeruda is into cute things, and anime. He enjoys the Japanese culture greatly, and plans to make Japanese his primary language for High School. Though he is pretty scrawny, it's due to his high-metabolism, which ultimately makes it very hard for him to gain weight, no matter how much he eats. He doesn't like lazy people, mostly because they're....lazy, which is one reason he hates people calling him Soy (people forget to add the extra "i" between the "o" and the "y"). He also doesn't like people who listen, as it irritates him to have to repeat something over. He's into game making and computers and plans to either have a career in game creation, or something computer related. With some words, Soiyeruda will change a letter or two. For example, instead of the use of "Lol", he will always say "Lawl". Yummy would be replaced with Nummy. In addition, he'll occasionally speak in Japanese. He's a total freak for anime, and usually draws manga/anime styled girls with too much clothing. He's trying to find his own style, which consists of a 3-4 head tall body, and strange body proportions he deems as cute. He's still working on drawing boys though....

What does he do all day?

He's usually on the computer doing random things. Though he's a couch potato, he's actually pretty good at physical activities, depending on what kind they are. In his spare time at school, he likes to do random drawings of whatever pops into his mind. He looks depressed whenever you see him, but that's just a disguise, he claims. He can actually be pretty silly. You just need to get to know him. In the Internet, however, he'll almost always start off silly, just because it's the Internet, and no one else will care.


Soiyeruda doesn't consider anyone on MFGG as a friend, as of now, and plans to keep it that way. Recently, though, he's had a bit too much contact with a few members, namely Yak, and Shroomguy, fairly new members who he constantly sees around the boards. Though it doesn't truly believe in Internet friendship and love, he does look up to some people. Role Models:

Ashura - Artwork

Hatman - Fangame Creation

Shyguy Grey - Spriting Skills


• Soiyeruda will typically use near perfect grammar and spelling. There are only few occasions where he'll mess up. • He hates it when people use his speech methods, such "lawl" because it irritates him greatly that he can't be unique in that way. • Soiyeruda's name first was Soiyeru. However, he made a mistake on the Game Maker Community, so he had to make a new account, with the extra "da" at the end. His name is mostly a portmanteau of the words soy sauce, referring to one of his favorite sauces, and Garuda, one of his favorite mythical animals.