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A skin is the appearance of a website or interface which are often interchangeable down to their layout.

Site Skin List

  • MFGG Default - The default skin for MFGG 2.0. Images were created by Thunder Dragon, and the skin was created by Techokami. It is a general Mario theme but still relates to the classic skin.
  • MFGG Classic - A skin based on MFGG 1.0. It uses the original images made by Kritter, along with a fairly similar color scheme.
  • New Super MFGG Bros - A skin that is based around the Nintendo DS game, New Super Mario Bros.
  • WAHloween - A Halloween skin that has a purple-and-green color scheme, made by Pedigree in order to accommodate WAH-loween.

Forum Skin List

  • All That - A red-and-black skin based off of the TV show, All That.
  • Blue Challenger 1.0 - Blue-purpleish look. It is the original skin used for the MFGG 5.5, and made to celebrate MFGG's ninth birthday.
  • Blue Challenger 2.0 - An upgrade of the original Blue Challenger skin. It is more curvy in some areas.
  • Boo Berry - A primarily-purple skin based on Boos, ghost houses, and various other ghastly things in the Mario series.
  • Codec Cyan - A teal Metal Gear Solid codec based skin. Made by Luminous Reaver.
  • Doomship Gloom - A dull brown wood-and-metal skin with a cloudy night sky background, themed after the airships from Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • Evening Chill - A blue-and-purple skin. It is themed after Yoshi's Island and winter. Unlike other skins, the interface is mostly transparent. It takes some inspiration from the Winter Blue skin.
  • Fireflower - Black and red color-schemed skin themed on fiery ideas and objects from the Mushroom Kingdom, such as Fire Flowers.
  • MFGG Default - Blue look. This is the original skin used for the MFGG forums from 2003-2008, and the colors, images and general layout all harken back to the second incarnation of the Ezboard forums, which used a similar color scheme. This color scheme was created by Kritter, to fit with his new design of the site, and the current MFGG Default skin uses images created by Kritter, which have stuck around since those original days, except for the logo.
  • MFGGreece (aka Simplistic Blue) - A skin made by Char for April Fools 2010. A lot of people liked, so it was temporarily a skin option after April Fools 2010 ended. For quite a long time it was inaccessible by everybody except for administrators, until somewhere in 2017.
  • New Super Mario Brothers - A green skin with 8-bit sprites and graphics from New Super Mario Bros, a game released for the Nintendo DS.
  • Ocean Spray - Can be considered a ancestor of Tropical Splash. Mostly violet-colored and is based around an underwater theme. Jellyfish and dolphins can be seen as decorations.
  • Simplistic Green - A green-and-black skin made by Char to be very simple. Has Luigi's hat in the logo.
  • Tropical Splash. Yellow-and-blue, and the background is beach-like. Based on summer-type ideas. The colors are incredibly bright in contrast with most of the other skins.

Temporary & Unfinished Skins

Skins in this category are discontinued or as yet unfinished.

  • 8-bit MegaMan - The strangest skin addition yet, and the first MFGG skin to not be based around Mario, but rather, the NES MegaMan games.
  • 8-Bit Skin
  • An unnamed skin that is currently developed by Mors. It uses a modern-flat style, and a blue-and-white color-scheme.
  • Classic Metroid Skin
  • Donkey Kong Country - A skin based off of various things in the DKC series.
  • Donkey Kong Skin
  • Dry Dry Desert Skin
  • DS Lite
  • Fire Emblem Skin
  • Forest Green - Mostly green, but uses reddish brown in some parts. True to its name, it borrows many elements from the forest type environments of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Goomba Skin, previously under work by SonicProject.
  • Halloween Spooktacular - A black-and-orange skin based on Halloween related Mario things, such as Boos, Dry Bones, and pumpkin enemies.
  • Life on MFGG - A skin based off of the show Life on Mars. It was made to look old, from the 1970s.
  • MFGG Mobile - A mobile-friendly skin requested by fantanoice in 2013 and currently made by Supernova. It's still under development.
  • MFGG Retro - Uses the color-scheme and images used from MFGG's ezboards in 2001/2002. Created by DJ Yoshiman.
  • Nintendo DS - Follows a black-and-white color scheme similar to the Nintendo DS. Created by SonicProject.
  • Pokémon Skin
  • Revenge of the King - A skin based off of the mode in Kirby Super Star Ultra that has the same name. Made by Jazz.
  • Subcon - A green-and-brown skin based off the world of Subcon from Super Mario Bros. 2. Created by Grant.
  • Shy-guy toybox skin
  • Sonic Skin - Currently developed by Black Squirrel. The test board for this is here, although due to color scheme problems it is not yet finished.
  • Starry Sky skin - Underway by Ryo.
  • Virtual Boy Skin
  • Wario Skin
  • Wii Skin - By Xgoff. Only the buttons and some other color changes were completed, due to lack of the exact "Wii font" and other issues.
  • Winter Blue - Similar to the MFGG Default skin, except darker. This skin boasts a header adorned with Christmas tree lights and a banner depicting a Super Mario World 2-styled mountain.
  • Yoshis Island - A Yoshi's Island-based skin. Made by Jazz.

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