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Aliases: Simon, Simon, Llama
Real name: Simon Lee
Interests: Interesting things
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Simoniester is a member of MFGG. He joined MFGG on the 10th of February 2007.


He joined the MFGG main site first, as he was a frequent user of the site in his failed attempts of making fangames. He also thought that he could sprite, he was wrong. His first submission was Custom Build-a-Goomba, which overall was disliked by the more experienced members. Eventually he joined the forums, and was ushered in to actually posting by Roxxorz Your Boxxorz in the IRC.

Since then he has improved his spriting and fangaming abilities, and has even won a Minigame Competition with Xbox 360 Crusher, but mainly because of lack of entries. One of his MGC entries, Smash the DS, is very highly thought of, scoring a 9/10 average on the main site, and some people consider it their favourite minigame.


Simoneister's character, a humanesque E-type Jaguar Series 1, has been his character even before he joined MFGG. It was probably a bad decision on his part, seeing as there are quite a few people that don't like drawing cars, and so refuse to draw him. :(.


Simoneister left because he felt he didn't fit in, and he really had better things to do. This is his list of fail reasons for leaving.

"-I'm 13 year's old, and believe me, that makes you lose a lot of brownie points

-I don't have any particular amazingly awesome skills, but it seems quite a few people have gotten by without them

-I live in Australia, which means that the times I'm usually on are when most of you are all asleep, or partying, or doing whatever it is you do in the middle of the night

-I'm a complete noob when it comes to old fads

-I don't have Brawl

-My character is a car

-I'm in no way, shape, or form "cool"

-I'm an 07er, which is usually thought of as being a really bad thing

-And when I look back on my posts after I've posted them they seem really childish

So overall, I'm not really an "MFGGer"."

SparkleLeviathan96, Fender, and a few other people thought that "My character is a car" was quite funny, so does he after looking back at it. [[Category:Sprite Competition Top Five]

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