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Shadow Kami

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Aliases: Shadow宇宙の神
Bane The Death Deity
Angel Plague
Interests: Videogames, Books(Mostly Manga), Videogame Making, Spriting, Drawing, Anime, Helping Friends Out, Visual Novels, Programming, Building and Taking apart Hardware, Doodling, Designing process of making video games, and the otaku lifestyle
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About Shadow Kami

Shadow Kami is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy February 26th, 2011 and the MFGG Forums on February 19th, 2012 under the username Zdude684. He is currently in charge of Team LM2D and Luigi's Mansion 2D. He had a forum in which a community project was started on the whim of some other MFGGers. But is now lost in time. Not much else is known about him. Shadow Kami might have the most posts per day on the forums. His average postcount was about 25 posts a day.

He was inactive from mid-April to late June.

On July 2nd, he changed his current MFGG alias from Zdude684 to Shadow Kami.

On the morning July 12th, 2012, he and some other members had a little disagreement with a member named Luigifan64. Though he never really stated anything negative at or about said member. The disagreemant was hopefully solved by Zero Kirby in the later part of the day.

On the 29th of September, he had to leave due to personal issues, the date he'll return is unknown at the current moment, it could be next month or sometime next year.


The one of the projects Shadow Kami is currently working on is Luigi's Mansion 2D, which is now out of haitus. Ideas and Design Topic

He's also working on a simulator that partially works atm, that once finished will surpass Zues pro and is actually able to be used for more than just MFGG Wrestling.

He has also submitted a few backgrounds from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Kami is mostly trying to finish his studies in prgramming, web development, and network systems & administration. (Note The sub header is mispelled on purpose because of something, so please do not fix it as a grammar mistake as this one is supposed to be spelt that way/)


  • Shadow Kami is somewhat obsessed with dragons and anime.
  • He's going to move to Japan... eventually.
  • Shadow Kami's informally called Kami by his friends.