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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [https://mfgg.net/index.php?act=user&param=01&uid=20 Moses Kim] - Jinpen's old account on [https://MFGG.net MFGG.net].
* [https://mfgg.net/index.php?act=user&param=01&uid=20 Moses Kim] - Jinpen's old account on [https://MFGG.net MFGG.net].
* [https://mfgg.net/index.php?act=user&param=01&uid=2723 Sargeant Jinen] - Jinpen's old account on [https://MFGG.net MFGG.net].
[[Category:Drawing Competition Runner Up]]
[[Category:Drawing Competition Runner Up]]

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Sergeant Jinpen

Jinpen (1).png
Sergeant Jinpen's character, drawn by himself.
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Former & Other Groups
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Aliases: Jinpen, SargePen, Riley Bungalow, Fungi, JetgitDaPidgit, Jet/Jetgit, Jomo the Clown. Duplicates included Iverto, iammario, AnimeFan5141234234, Sonic the Mario, BlueDragon60, Sheila-Sheila, Superkirby, Sario the Ultimate, Saddam Hussein, verdiralfartsondemanded, JoeJohnJacobJay, Sarahhime64, Iverto2, Timjonic, Bennykid, Psyguyrulz, the Village People, and various Fairy[royal title] accounts. Also "stole" the identity of Remoga Sanctum, King Piranha Plant, TouchFuzzyGetDizzy and Zero_Hero789.
Real name: Moses Kim
Interests: sdggsdg
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Sergeant Jinpen is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on February 20th, 2002 during the vBulletin era. He has competed in many Sprite and Drawing Competitions.

Sergeant Jinpen has been permabanned on four separate occasions, all of which related to duplicate accounts. The first time he was banned was due to being caught making four different accounts. He was allowed back again when Marigi redeemed him. He was banned the second time when Salad overheard him confessing at least a dozen duplicate accounts over an AIM chat. He was also banned for slandering the administration, insulting various MFGGers, and attempting to steal the password of Zero_Hero789's account. He was surprisingly allowed back again, despite protests from several MFGGers, when he spent a whole year without causing trouble as "Riley Bungalow". He was banned the final time when he made several "Fairy" accounts of various royalty.

He was allowed once more when MFGG 3.0 launched. He hasn't been a very active member since then, but he occasionally posts his high-quality artwork in the Arts Board. He doesn't cause any problems nowadays.

Fad Creations

fat warios pls, as depicted by jas.

fat warios pls is a fad begun by Jinpen as iammario as his most popular quote in his early-ended life on the forums. It has eventually made its way into the colloquial dictionary of the entire community and is generally well-known by a member a few days after they have joined.


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