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Aliases: Noveroth, TheSoulBlazer, Ishida and Nova (current name)
Interests: Video games, Anime
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The Biography

Way back when Alex was 11, He was introduced to Klik & Play by a friend of his. They made games with Rather bad graphics, a Zelda game and a Sim city game, Alex's friend did not have the internet, so Alex would look up sprites for the Zelda and Sim City games... One day while looking up Klik Libraries He stumbled across a Mysterious website, Bowser Tech. He Downloaded all the libraries he could find on the site, all the games and Tutorials as well... Yet it did not quench his thirst. Later on he noticed the Forum button, He Quickly clicked it to see what it was like, He noticed people talking about their games and libraries, he soon joined and started talking to people their, registering under the name, Supernesfreak.

The Evolution

Supernesfreak didn't stay at BT for long, he eventually moved to Kerra's site Nintendo Fan Games Community (NFGC) and posted their. After a while he even drifted from their, going to the webcomic forums Bob and George, He lasted for a long while their, even became a Mod for a few weeks. Though on one faithful day he met up with a member of the forums, talking to him over Aim, he learned that his brother frequented a site called Bowser Tech, The name clicked in his head, his brother Nite shadow the Bio freak would become one of Supernesfreak's best friends on the site

The Migration

After a period of time, Thunder Dragon started to forget about Bowser Tech and continued posting on NFGC, Their was always news of a new site opening up, that was entirely based around the largest selection of libraries on NFGC. Mario. With Thunder Dragon's Massive Mario libs and libraries contributed by others, it was the single largest section by leaps and bounds on the site. Supernesfreak was always a huge Mario fan, with his Character being a Blue and Yellow Mario, he was excited about the creation of the site. When MFGG was finally born Supernesfreak was one of the first to join, he quickly met up with old friends from BT and NFGC, and Frequented the site more and more often.

Vanishing act

Supernesfreak has a tendency to vanish for large periods of time, and comeback, for a while back in 2003 he went back to Bob and George, going under the name Dragon Reploid, But not long after he came back to MFGG, with a bit more refined sense of spriting and game making, he started many projects, such as the Monkey Project which was inspired by Cyberknight Aaron, who had made him a Monkey sprite on the website the peoples sprites, he made nearly everyone on the forum at that time.

Games and Pixels

Supernesfreak made many many games, that he never completed or refined, however on one faithful day, In an AIM conversation with Nite shadow the Bio freak, he made the "Worst game EVER" on MFGG, Dodge the Shyguys. This game was literally made in half an hour inspired by Gradius, but with a lack of game making understanding, the game was really really bad.

Around this time Supernesfreak got an idea from Bob and George "the No-Name Soldier competition" Where people sprited what looked like a Generic soldier, This idea was well received but was thought to be poorly executed, It was then made into a Mario spriting competition, and is still going on as the Sprite competition.

The Leave

On one faithful day on MFGG, Supernesfreak posted a long goodbye message and left the forums once again, for the last time.

Around this time, he had grown apart from MFGG, though it still held a place in his heart, as he still visited it frequently, But found he knew less and less people on the forums. Due to his unwillingness to continuously spam for pointless reasons, he grew apart from the general populace of the forum.

The Deception

Supernesfreak never really left the forums within a day, he made a new account under the name of Ishida, Acted like a completely different person, nobody really caught on, within a week Mugenmidget knew that Ishida was Supernesfreak, as did his brother Press Start.

After a month or two, Ishida revealed to the MFGG IRC that he was really Supernesfreak, members such as Quicky, MikeL, Press Start and Yoshiman were on that day, and found out. Word slowly trickled along, and more and more people knew.

The U

Supernesfreak was not a very prominent member of the U, however much he tried defending it. Whenever he saw someone bash the U, he'd counter saying that "It was only a select few." However little people listened to him he kept doing it. The U eventually faded into obscurity and Supernesfreak stopped having to defend it.

After a while, Supernesfreak started seeing the U for what it was, a general whine fest. Not much actual discussion and most WAS hate towards MFGG, sure it was a handful of members but in actuality only a handful posted. After The Great Mistake, Supernesfreak had enough of the U and decided to leave. This departure as well as a few other incidents served as catalysts towards Mugenmidget's reconsideration of the Underground's purpose, and as such it was shut down on February 19th.