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Be sure to follow these rules and guidelines when using the MFGG Wiki:


  • No vandalism. Period.
  • Consider forum rules to apply on the Wiki - specifically, don't use the Wiki to flame or troll others.
  • Be careful when posting personal information, and never share sensitive information about others without their express permission.
  • Never use foul or offensive language on the Wiki.
  • Blanking pages is highly discouraged. That being said, we respect your privacy, and if you wish to have personal information removed, contact a sysop.
  • Don't revert a good-faith edit made by another user. If there's a disagreement about which edit should stand, please contact Wiki staff.

Image Guidelines

  • Don't use the Upload File function to host files for yourself.
  • Do not upload massive images. Scale down large images, and don't use uncompressed file formats like .BMP.


  • Wiki pages should be written in third person.
  • Avoid excessively casual language or inappropriate jargon.

Talk Pages

  • Assume good faith and listen to discussions about possible changes on talk pages.
  • User signatures (for wiki talk pages) should include at least some form of the user's username.

Violating these rules may result in warnings or bans from the Wiki.