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Aliases: Robby, Rm3k
Interests: Art, Internets, Spriting, Pointless Post Palace
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Rob is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on June 17th, 2005. He who spends most of his time in the Pointless Post Palace and the Arts Board, primarily as a spriter. His popularity has been on the rise recently.

Rob is occasionally mistaken for Robbydude, regardless if it on MFGG or Pixeltendo / The Spriter's Resource.

He has an apparent affinity towards Madam Ki.

Current Projects

Modern Genesis Mario

Modern Genesis is a type of spriting style created and managed by Deebera (aka Deebs) from MFS (Formally known as MFZ) (Who is also a moderator on tSR) Rob is working on making Mario in this style and also plans to submit this sheet on MFGG once it gets done.

Idea for a Mario Fangame

Although he has partially has a concept of what that may be, but he still hasn't have the full idea of the fangame he wants to make.
The concept of it is kept secret in case of someone else tempting to do it.


Rob's old persona

Rob's persona is a young human male wearing an orange shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes with white soles. Over time, this character has been refined with more complex shading and slightly more detail.

Rob's old persona, before joining the MFGG Forums, was a recolor of Mega Man.

Rob's new persona

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20 Pages

Retriever II once warned the community that every topic fad they made would remove 20 pages from the Pointless Post Palace. If they ran out of pages, they would apparently lose.

If a topic fad occurs, Rob will mock it with the phrase "20 pages". If he is not available, Madam Ki may take his place.

Silly Rap

I was once a sprite comic author
who was also a Megaman recolor
I was in this group called TZaWRoC
but then I found this place named MFGG

Suigi is my top internet hero
his cool factor never went to zero
he's better than anyone I pass by
even more than that stupid punk named Psyguy

Robbydude is my e-reincarnation
but I thought I would be his rival with a tion
then I thought wrong and tried to be bros
now we're cool as with bros b4 hoes

I guess that's all I have to rap
of course I know what to tap
maybe this will get rid of the stub
or maybe I stink and should get in the tub

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