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Project MFGG Wiki is the ongoing project involving, you guessed it, MFGG Wiki. The overall aim is to turn this database filled with descriptionless members and forgettable fads into a more appropriate Super Mario fangame resource.

Wikis need a lot of maintenance - it's very rare that you find one that is "complete". The practice of fangaming has been popular for over a decade, with the first Mario fangames dating back to the early 1990s. There's a lot of information to be documented, and as long as the scene is active, the amount of information will increase.

Anyone can register an account and start contributing, and often even the smallest of contributions can help dramatically.


The common rule is "if you think it'll help users of MFGG, add it." If you need help, see Help:Contents - if you need even more help, contact a sysop, or use this article's talk page.

Top Priority

  • Articles about important people in the fangaming scene
  • Documentation of all notable Mario fangames to a high standard
  • Organization and maintenance of competition winner pages
  • Any other wiki organization

Medium Priority

  • Overall wikification and improvement of spelling and grammar in user articles
  • Articles concerning MFGG's history, structure, way of life, fads, and events

Handy Dandy Links

Below are links to pages that are in need of assistance. The MFGG Wiki advises you to contribute to them if you can.