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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

Was best remembered for posting a submission of a subpar minor-editted SMW block spritesheet, and after being told how crappy it was, he lost it and called all the MFGGers racist things.

In the middle of an argument with SonicProject about his blocks, he sent PMs of rage making racist remarks about Americans. SonicProject responded to many of his PMs and agitated him further. The whole conversation posted all the while for all to see. Many people watched the Who's Online feature of the forum to see when Pretendo was sending a PM message and how long it took him. It took him 10 minutes+ on just a few lines of text. To the members, it was funny at the time. Eventually Pretendo was banned for his remarks.