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Pokémon Netbattle is an online Pokémon battle simulator. Instead of training your own Pokémon, you can define your own Pokémon's type, moves, ev's, etc using a simple team builder. For this reason, NetBattle relies more on strategy and luck rather than an ability to raise good Pokémon (which would require the same anyway). It is quite popular on MFGG even after Pokémon Diamond / Pearl's release. MikeL hosts his own server for members to play.

Occassionally, the MFGGers will get together and do a tournament. Several such tournaments took place.


Here, I need help: Pls give information about the various tourneys that took place. The only ones I remember were the first one with the round robin at the end where Nightwing won, one that didn't make it all the way, and the most recent one where it was me VS Pokehero in the end and he won. ~ Parakarry

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