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Player 2

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Aliases: D3L3T3D (on other forums)
Real name: Ryan Vanspoor
Interests: Gaming, Art, Reading
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Player 2 is a newer member of MFGG, and is often credited as being skeptical and cruel to other members. His appearance was originally reflective of his name, as his avatar is of a Paper Luigi. However, recently he's given a face to go with the name on the "Show a picture of yourself" thread.


As earlier stated, Player 2 is often known to be rude to other members, but he claims that this is within reason. It tends to typically be aimed at posters in the Fangame Forum without enough information on their games. More often than not, when Player 2 hits those topics, they close.

He is currently gathering resources for a rather large RPG-styled project known only as Mario Story, and will begin work on the game after the release of the Stencyl Game Maker.

As an added quirk, he seems to be obsessed about the game Chrono Trigger, and will often insert little bits of Trigger lore into conversations, such as "Dupe accounts are made solely to save my ass from Lavos' wtfpwn ray."


Mario Story--The citizens of Mushroom Kingdom are at a great unease as an uncharacteristic peace has settled into the land. No one has seen or heard from Bowser since the last time Mario had defeated him, and his own palace lay derelict and crumbling to disrepair. But one day, the fair Princess Toadstool receives a message from an artist that many deemed to be insane--a letter claiming that he may know of Bowser's whereabouts. Summoned from a well-deserved vacation, Mario speaks with the artist, learning of the fateful opening of the Tome of Dawn--and what it could mean if Bowser is indeed the one who opened it. Mario volunteers to seek answers as he enters the Tome of Dawn.

Mario Story plays as a mixture of classic Mario platform gaming and an RPG--described by Player 2 only as a "Mariotroidvania." Mario can utilize different moves and environmental availabilities to explore the world, combat enemies, and seek out answers to the opening of the Dawn Tome.

FEATURES -Different moves cause different damage. In kind, Mario takes different levels of damage from different things. -Item system to aide Mario in every possible way -Partially open-ended exploration geared toward one, linear endgame


  • Player 2 may have started the 2006 Christmas Avatar fad.
  • Player 2 is currently attending college as an Elementary Education major.
  • Player 2 can believe it's not butter.
  • Player 2 pities the fool.