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| interests = Video games, Shonen Manga and Anime
| interests = Video games, Shonen Manga and Anime
| badges = {{Badge HH}}}}
| badges = {{Badge SCT|1}}}}
== General Info ==
== General Info ==

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Aliases: Naruto Uzumaki, Darin Satou, David Bloodsworth, ShadowCanti, REDarkula, D'arkula, Niteshaid, Cloud
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Video games, Shonen Manga and Anime
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General Info

Pip Bernadotte (formerly known as Bookage or Cloud) is a fairly respectable member who visits MFGG frequently. While relatively a beginner at both spriting and fangaming, he has had compliments on both of what he has tried to do, and has even won a Top 5 badge in a Sprite Competition. His girlfriend is Saberie. He tends to get frustrated easily, but does not go so far as to flame others, and often uses strange analogies. He also sometimes makes insensitive remarks, but is apologetic for these.

Bookage (The character)

Bookage is a black boo with a red aura and green teeth. His teeth are this color from not brushing. His name (literally translated) means "shadow boo." Whenever Pip gets the time, Bookage will be the star of a sprite comic, with Saberie as his co-star. Bookage was also seen in Golem's MFGG Arcade game.

Current Projects

Weegee May Cry Project Blade Project Garnia

Canceled Projects

He was formerly working on a project called "Pokemon: Black version", with the help of Shyguy Grey. However, due to the loss of his source file, his laptop, and his inactivity during the summer of 2007 to nearly a year later, this has been canceled; as well, many ideas were actually implemented into Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, including Iron Island (Rustiron Island in Black Version). Super Luigi RPG was also lost and canceled. Please contact Pip if you happen to have the game files for either or both of these games.

Recently, he has changed his name to Pip Bernadotte, the leader of a group of mercenaries in the Anime/Manga Hellsing called the WildGeese.

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