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Interests: Keys, the very fuel of [its] existence.
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Phanto is a member, who is located in "The Inferno" and is the Event Leader of The Hallowsphere event. His occupation is "protecting [its] keys from the scum of the earth". The account was registered on October 25th, 2015. During on the event, Phanto would give out clues on what the password to the three Hallowspheres are. On October 31, Phanto revealed that the Hallowsphere was made to draw MFGGers into his realm, claiming the souls of the visitors. He used these souls in order to gain the power to become a god. Later on, though, Phanto was starting to get very stressed out by listening to all of the souls at the same time. He got so stressed out, that he decided to give up godhood, give all of the once-soulless MFGGers their souls back, and banish them from entering the Hallowsphere.

Phanto had promised that he will return to MFGG one day, possibly to try to steal the souls of the members of MFGG once again. He had also demanded a refund from Wario, which implies that Wario was probably working with the Phanto, and is paid for doing it.