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A permaban (also known as permanent ban, perma-ban, or just a ban) is a term used to describe members were those who are under an indefinite ban due to severe or repetitive offenses.

Under the old system, permanent bans were issued automatically for high offenses or for dramatic, repeated misbehavior. A user who was suspended within 24 hours of registering was also generally permanently banned. With the induction of phpBB, members who commit ordinary offenses are no longer banned, but face a year's account suspension when their warn level reaches 100%.

Contrary to the name, permanent bans are occasionally lifted, but this is very circumstantial.

High offenses

The following offenses previously warranted permanent ban:

  • Rapid, repeated breaking of elementary board rules
  • Duplicate accounts, such as ban bypasses
  • Compromising server security (cracking / "hacking")
  • Unauthorized access of forum members' virtual properties ("phishing")
  • Repeated flaming or trolling
  • Blackmail
  • Severe report abuse
  • Excessive spam / unintelligible posts
  • Pornography and piracy (bootlegging / "warez")

Requests for indefinite bans are no longer honored.

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