Nintendo Community Fangame Convention

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The logo of NCFC, based on a NES controller.

The Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (NCFC) is an online gaming convention that takes place every October, involving several Nintendo-related fangame communities. It was inspired by Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), and both are based loosely on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.)

NCFC is the world's first online gaming convention to be recognized by a major publication.

Convention structure

NCFC allows the reservation of online services known as booths and workshops.


Booths are essentially small web sites that showcase a particular game, give information and screenshots, and ideally offer a demo or complete download.


Workshops are dedicated times and places during which interested persons may attend a sort of conference, wherein a person or group will explain a game development-related concept and perhaps aid the audience in implementing this concept or otherwise in creative work.

Participant sites