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Aliases: Tron (2005)
Interests: Video games, movies, superheroes, game design, video game law.
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Nightwing is the brother of Mugenmidget and Press Start. He was banned and unbanned multiple times during a period in which he attempted to shut down MFGG. Eventually, he stopped and returned to the boards for an amount of time, which, after that, he left MFGG.

MFGG Wrestling

On February 3rd, 2007, Nightwing decided to join MFGG Wrestling.

Dupe School

On September 5th, 2007, Nightwing created "Dupe School" on the MFGGU forums to encourage the disruption of the MFGG forums. As a result, he was banned for 30 days from the MFGG Message Boards.