New Super MFGG Bros.

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New Super MFGG Bros.
Developer(s) Gatete
Announce Date May 19, 2010
Release Date N/A
Genre Platformer
Players 1, 4
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8 Lite
Platform Windows
Status Canned
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

New Super MFGG Bros. was a game based on Gatete's engine that featured various members of the MFGG community replacing the standard Mario enemies. Like most community-based games, this game was never completed, and future attempts at a reboot haven't succeeded either.



The MFGG forums are being attacked by a mysterious figure. The thing has kidnapped some members of the forum. Fortunately four of the kidnapped members could escape from the hands of it. Now it's up to them to save the MFGG forums!

Cast of MFGGers

Main Characters

  • Player 1: Mista Bird
  • Player 2: Supah-Luigi
  • Player 3: Iceman404
  • Player 4: Ultramario
  • Yoshi: Pickleboy

Non-Playable Characters




  • The most recent skin for the main site has the same name as this fangame.

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