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Neini's Reference as of 2007.
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Aliases: Neini, InvaderSand3, Xiarutar Neiz, Neogralizor and Baconface.
Interests: Spriting, drawing, pickle squids, zombies, Pikmin, etc.
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Neini8 is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on September 17th, 2006. His very first post was a bad quality sprite sheet in a topic he made in the Submit-it forum called YI styled ML enemies, they have attacks!. He likes pickle squids, toasters, and is pretty funny sometimes. His like of strange things comes from the cartoon Invader Zim, but he is nice and has a normal attitude when he isn't posting about toaster doodles.

Today, he has greatly improved in his spriting and drawing skills.


Neini's first character was a green stick figure with an eye tic. Then he removed the tic, recolored the eyes red, and gave it an orange body. Then, to make it original, he added grey armor to it. Later, in mid-July of 2007, he gave his character black, sticky skin, sharp teeth, tentacles instead of legs, and a nasty background. And that wasn't enough for him. He added a mechanical eyepatch. Eventually he stuck with the last upgrade. His other characters include an interstellar zombie named Oot, a volcano-headed villain named Scorch, and a cute, chibi version of his older reference.


Neini has a strange like for green cephalopods. It is unknown why.