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Aliases: Lord NDSfreak, Nds
Interests: Spriting, Communism, Soviet Union, Russian Culture, Eating good, tasty food
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Ndsfreak is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on September 11th, 2006 and the MFGG Forums over a month and a half later on October 28th, 2006.


Ndsfreak was a typical new member. He used leetspeak often, but stopped after requests by other MFGGers. He made various references, first stating that he was a blooper with a hotlinked image of a Blooper in his signature. Several months later, after going on a vacation and buying a coonskin hat, he made his reference a head-crab like hat, with bloody legs and teeth. Soon after, he changed it again to his current reference, which is a blue robot with a blue Nintendo DS for a head.

Later the next year, Ndsfreak's brother decided to join. People thought he was a dupe of Ndsfreak when he posted his first topic in the General Chat, titled "Is this GC worthy?", and Ndsfreak said that he was his brother. Later the Admins confirmed that they were different people.

In the Pointless Post Palace, Ndsfreak was known for his worthless topics, several of which ended up in the Worthless Post Palace. He made them in an attempt to imitate popular member's topics. Eventually he became fairly well-known, and he tries not to make stupid topics anymore.


Ndsfreak used to be mostly a lurker, posting very little in topics. He occasionally made a topic for one of his pixel art pieces, but not much else. A couple months later, he became very active and started making a lot of topics in the Casual Conversation Castle. He tries to participate in many forum activities.


Ndsfreak loves spriting, and he has won four badges for entering Sprite Competitions.