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Nad's current Ref.
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Aliases: Dimentio44, Krazon, Zero-EXE
Real name: Brett Warriner
Interests: Flash animating, Spriting
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Nad, known as Dimentio44 on the main site, is a frequent poster at MFGG who joined in June, 2007.

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He tries to be a good spriter, and can be, but is often so easily distracted, that his projects are always half done. Nonetheless, he has begun his own Flash cartoon series.

Nad has only submitted a few sprite sheets, one that was previously stolen, but perseveres in continuing his Super Paper Mario sprite project. Any fangames he has attempted are rather simple, so he keeps them to himself.

Besides being active on MFGG, Nad is also an Admin for 2 forums and a sprite resource site. He is known as Krazon at one of MFGG's aliases, "Metroid Fan Mission", and as Zero-EXE for the "Megaman Fangame Network," a Megaman resource site he co-founded. He also is an admin on a site called the "Resource Universe," originally founded by RetroX. He doesn't like posters who are up to causing problems and can't help but feel sorry for all the work the MFGG staff must go through, since he can relate to the situations. Another subject that easily offends him is anything relating to a sexual theme. This is because his best friend is female, therefore inciting a sense of feminism in him, which causes him, in turn, to be offended on female behalf.

From being in the internet for a few years, Nad has been experienced from the many things he's ran (or attempted to, anyways) and the people he has been with. He's now not quite as active at MFGG as he used to be due to having to keep an eye on MMFN. Nad has learned that being a staff member for a site is not all what it is cracked up to be, and how it can easily take up your time. However, he does make sure to frequently check MFGG and help out in the community when he gets the chance.

Nad is fun loving, and goes to MFGG to get his fun of the day after school has settled down and he's away from his real-life friends. He will usually just sit and watch more serious issues of MFGG fold out instead of actually going in and being a part of it. He will get in on some occasions, though, if they affect himself or someone he holds in high regards. You can easily say sometimes he has too much time on his hands, and with that time he will accomplish various random things, such as making a full fledged comic book series (3 series with multiple seasons, that is.) to making this article.

Nad also has a tendency to have his posts or topics ignored, if not mildly noticed. A few topics of his have actually sparked into huge ones, such as his "I'll guess your personality based on your avatar" one, or where he stated in the CCC that he was stuck in a secret sealed shelter and needed help to get out to fight zombies, which unfolded into a Role Playing topic.


Nad's closest friends are the ones he hangs out with out of MFGG boards, mainly. They include RetroX, Taiki, Demonlemon, Thunder Bro, Yoshbert, and Kuroshi. He's open to pretty much anyone as long as you don't try to be enemies with him.


The actual character Nad is a recolor of Kirby, much more a Wheel Kirby, with an 'N' on the back. When Nad was made, however, his creator had only played "Kirby's Dreamland" for Gameboy and as Kirby in the first Super Smash Brothers, and had no idea such a power existed. The name really has no reason to it either, he was in first grade at the time and just thought 'Nad' sounded cool.

Due to that, Nad does not have any powers at all. Nad cannot even suck up things and copy them like Kirby. (When you compare it more modernly, you can say with like how Meta Knight is the same species as Kirby, or appears to be, yet he can't suck up, Nad plays into the same case.) Instead, Nad is an inventor and invents numerous things all the time.

In the comic series, simply called Kirby! (and whatever season it is, such as Kirby! Reunition), Nad is best friends with Kirby and is on a team with three other Kirbys as well called the Kirby Squad. Nad battles the forces of Evil Zarforcan, an evil spirit bent on destroying Popstar, King Dedede, and other foes as the Kirby Squad tries to keep Popstar in peace.


On more than one occasion, Nad's name has been put into many jokes involving the term 'nads'. While he refuses to change his name to something else, he insists to others that since the name was made up at a time when he would of had no idea what it could be referred to, any jokes that seem to involve the name are purely coincidence!


"Although actually, I'm not surprised because you always seem to have the right answer." - RetroX, at Metroid Fan Mission

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