Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine

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Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine
Developer(s) Team Midas
Announce Date August, 20th 2008
Release Date TBA
Genre Platform/Puzzle/Adventure
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker (Coding)
Ogmo Editor (Level Design)
Platform Windows
Status Development

Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine (previously Mushroom Patrol & The Midas Machine) is a fangame currently in development by "Team Midas," headed by Guinea and Chaoxys. This game serves as the successor to the old Community Fangame Project, now dubbed MFGG's "Showcase Project." While the game is developed primarily by Guinea and Chaoxys (with occasional input and level designs from Thunder Dragon), anyone may contribute resources such as graphics and sounds. Even though it is still only a demo, it managed to pick up 3 awards during the 2011 MFGG Awards. As of June 27th, 2018, it is in the final stages of development.


The plot of the game revolves around Bowser and Captain Syrup attempting to achieve their goals by using a machine known as the Midas Machine and an artifact known as the Hand of Midas to turn the world into gold, thus allowing Bowser to easily conquer and kidnap without any trouble, and giving Syrup all the treasure she'd ever want. They didn't realize that the hand of Midas had been broken into pieces, which results with the heroes in a race against the villains to see who will collect them first.


Playable characters

Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine offers a selection of 4 playable characters, each with their own special abilities.

  • Mario - As is seemingly tradition at this point, Mario is the most balanced character having decent speed and jumping abilities. His special ability is the Wall Jump, which allows him to jump back and forth between two walls.
  • Luigi - What Luigi lacks in speed he more than makes up for in jumping. His special ability is the super jump, which allows him to reach higher areas and smash through Super Block with ease.
  • Wario - Wario is slow and has poor jumping, but he makes up for it in raw power. Wario's special ability is his signature Charge Attack. It allows him to plow through enemies and Super Blocks.
  • Waluigi - This lanky Luigi lookalike has decent jumping and superb speed, but terrible traction. His special ability, Super Slim, allows him to suck in his gut and become as thin as a twig. While Super Thin, Waluigi can slip through small gaps in the floor. It also gives him some of the best traction in the game, at the cost of his speed.
  • Captain Toad - Captain Toad shows up in a few levels to help out. As with Super Mario 3D World, he is unable to jump.

Non-playable characters

  • Bowser - Bowser is back to cause trouble as usual. His plan is to turn anyone who would get in his way into solid gold, starting with a certain red-hatted plumber.
  • Captain Syrup - Syrup is after treasure again, but this time she is teaming up with Bowser to find the pieces of the Hand of Midas, with which she will turn anything she desires into gold.
  • Elvin Gadd - E. Gadd helps the player by lending his newest invention, the DSe, a device that allows the player to store items and even chat with Gadd to get hints.
  • Edward "Ed" Vice - This helpful sign is a world traveler who is always willing to give you some useful info.
  • Lockey - An oddball Pokey-like lock who watches over secret exits. If you bring him a key he may let you pass.
  • Takko- Takko is a small plant like squid that can be found inside of blocks. They will partner up with the player to help them fall slowly. There are specialized power ups for Takko that will give him additional abilities.


  1. Mushroom Meadows - A basic first world. It features various fundamental themes to help the player know what to expect.
  2. Sandy Sahara - A sunny desert area featuring scorching sands and chilling ruins.
  3. Haunted Hills - A spooky area on top of a mountain. It features an outdoor section, an indoor section, and plenty of ghosts.
  4. Frozen Foothills - An unusual ice world. Although it contains basic icy levels, it also features a factory, giant trees, and much more.
  5. Hopping Harbor - Toad Town harbor to be exact. This world is one big grab bag of level themes.
  6. Salty Seas - A tropical world that has above and underwater levels.
  7. Jade Jungle - A jungle filled world where carnivorous plants are located.
  8. Pepper Peaks - This world has a somewhat split theme. It takes place on a mountain and features outdoor level and cave levels. The outdoor levels have a fiesta theme where as the cave levels have a Day of the Dead theme.
  9. Slumbering Skies - The levels here take place above the clouds and feature plenty of deadly drops. The world features many nods to SMB2's dream world Subcon.
  10. Space Stronghold - The final world takes place in outer space. Many levels use low gravity while others test the skills you've built up in the game.